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Guys Take Yoga From A Famous Teacher And It Kicks Their Butts (VIDEO)

Sjana Earp is one of those crazy yoga girls on Instagram whose photos garner about 10,000 likes (or more) and can twist herself into insane postures most of us can barely comprehend, let alone perform. Yoga is hard, people.

One of the most common misperceptions about yoga is that it is just stretching and some ladylike gentle movements that barely have you breaking a sweat. In this hilarious video Earp breaks with that stereotype once and for all. See below:

Hilarious, right? The thing Earp can do with her body are really, really, really hard. No matter how “in shape” you are. But these guys all seem to have a healthy respect for yoga. They look at her and see she is doing the impossible. It’s the guys who are in shape and think they are all buff and awesome who need schooling.

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As an active woman, I have definitely seen the scorn. I have been in the yoga classes that are entirely full of women or that only have a couple guys, both of whom are there primarily to stare at the barely dresses hot women with “yoga bods.” Any man who goes through a hot vinyasa class knows perfectly well that it is a demanding physical practice. But many who watch from afar (my husband included) really think it’s just cute women breathing and gently swaying side to side.

It’s not.

Yoga is an amazing practice precisely because it is what you make it. If you want a dialed down practice that will help you recover from more vigorous activities, you can try Yin Yoga or restorative. If you want a difficult practice, try a hot vinyasa flow. If you’d rather focus while also challenging your body, try Ashtanga. There is a practice for everyone. And none of it is easy.

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Since deepening my own personal practice, I have become increasingly aware of the fact that the more you know about yoga, the less you know. It can be an incredibly difficult practice and the things Earp does, some people will never be able to do. It comes after years of practice and work on stability and balance, and strength. All of these things are part of yoga.

Any person who considers themselves an athlete needs to try yoga. It can be a humbling experience, but if you let it in, it can be the clearest path to greater strength, flexbility, and overall stamina. Yoga ain’t for sissies, people.

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