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Fun Test: The Butterfly You Choose Reveals Your Personality

Butterflies could symbolize a series of things. And the person you are most attracted to may show signs of the person you are.
All the things you surround yourself with, such as photographs, paintings and colorful antiques, are all connected to your innate personality traits. They all symbolize something for you and you may not even be aware of it, but something inside you makes you feel attracted to it. 

It is also known that colors represent certain emotions and it is the features of your personality that influence the way you feel attracted by certain tones. Steven Gans, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, talks about how they play a role in their emotions and feelings, and even influence their mood.

Ideally, you should approach the colors or specific objects to which your personality is most attracted. When it comes to butterflies, they could symbolize different meanings for you. Butterflies can represent life, change, a way of thinking or even be linked to the soul . 

The butterfly you are most attracted to may reveal several things about you. Choose one of these and we will tell you what it says.

1. Unpretentious

If this was the butterfly that you felt most attracted to, then it could reveal what you prefer to live a life that is about simplicity. You find great joy in the little things and you always keep your head high with a positive attitude. You do not like to mess things up, and this applies to your relationships, your daily routine and even your mind as well.

Make sure you stay away from complicated relationships that do not add value to your life. Do not let yourself be lost in a whirlwind of emotions. You are in touch with your emotions and that allows you to keep your mind clear too.

2. Without fear

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