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The STI Project Is Gettin’ Fancy!

The STI Project has an STD Mobile

It’s now even more official than it was officially official a couple weeks ago!  (Yeah, I’m not sure that made sense either.) Here’s the original post.

We’ve decided to replace the paint writing on our vehicle with a sticker even the most treacherous of Midwestern thunderstorms can’t wash off.

I like it.

My boyfriend affectionately calls it ‘The STD Mobile’. I like that too.

It’s certainly hard to miss.

So, if you see a car buzzin’ around town some day with an STD sticker – show some STD love and give me a honk. Give me two honks if you’re uber enthusiastic. Heck, honk all the way through the intersection, if you like – that’s sure to draw some attention!

The beauty about this is: I will forever believe the people honking at me while I’m sitting at a red light changing my radio station have read this post – they will promptly receive an energetic wave or maybe a cool peace sign (I’m pretty hip) thrown their way – imagine the confusion. The conversation in my car will go something like this:

‘Did you hear that, honey?!?! Those people must have visited the website! That’s why they’re honking!!! That’s AWE-SOME!’ To which honey will reply, ‘I think they were telling you to go because the light was green, sweetie.’ While mustering my most convincing stink-eye, I’d point out, ‘People who honk for me to get outta their way might have an STD too – they needed time to read my sign! But, I think they read the post.’

I’m considering getting more made… My mom wants to put one on her car, and I have a couple of friends who would like a sort of bumper-sticker option as well. We’ll see. So, you never know; by the time you read this post, there might be STD mobiles everywhere!!

It’ll be like an STD invasion of the vehicular sort. Eee-gad.   😉

– – – –

Have you seen this vehicle or any others with our website address and logo driving around the city? What did you think when you saw it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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