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The STI Project Interviews For WPRR Public Reality Radio

The STI Project Was Asked To Interview on a Radio Station!

Full Show which includes an interview with Senior Science Correspondent from HuffPost – Cara Santa Maria!!! (She’s lovely):

Full Length – Dave Fletcher’s opening topics, Cara Santa Maria from HuffPost Science, and The STI Project

Just my segment of the show – an hour and some change in length:

Shorter Version – The STI Project

Can you believe it?!?!! I can’t either. Albeit, I’m thankful and completely and entirely geeked for this opportunity as it means our mission is reaching a larger populace and we are further working toward eradicating the stigma!!!

YES! Go us!

On Tuesday, I went to WPRR’s studio to record an hour long interview with Reality Check host, David Fletcher. We met two weeks prior at West Michigan’s Pride Fest and he offered to have me on his show, which, of course, I accepted with enthusiasm.

This was especially exciting, because I’m personally a huge fan of public radio and the WPRR station and its programming – it’s progressive and open-minded, something not always easily found in the area I was raised. This was a welcomed delight, as you can imagine!

Surprisingly, I walked away thinking about all of the things I forgot to talk about and the interview was an entire hour long as it was…

Lately, everything coming out of my mouth is STDs (how’s that for an odd mental picture!?), and Tuesday was none different.

Overall, I think the interview went swimmingly – as my own worst critic, I would kick some of my vocab out of the window, but largely, the message was consistent and was what I had hoped to convey.

WPRR – Public Reality Radio is a non-profit, listener supported radio station dedicated to providing quality educational programming to the public. In addition to locally produced shows and the best of progressive radio, WPRR showcases podcasts from around the world.

Reality Check covers a variety of topics from human rights to science and religion, from a progressive and skeptical viewpoint and is hosted by always interesting and engaging, David Fletcher.

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What did you think of the interview? Was there a question you would have liked to hear? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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