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WATCH: See Every Step Of Your Unborn Baby'S Development In This Incredible Animated Video

The journey separate reproductive cells take to form a human being is an incredible one. 

The whole thing sounds like something out of a sci-fi book: reproductive cells from both a woman and a man combine to form what will later become a whole other human being. 

We may not all know the science in exact detail but now an animated video showing the entire formation makes understanding it not only easy but also showcases just how much of a miracle the whole process really is. 

Starting from the very moment a fully developed egg is released and fertilised, to the birth, and every unseen moment in between, the animated video shows and describes every week of a baby's development and is just fascinating.

So if you're currently expecting, or just want to see one of the many amazing things the human body is capable of, take a look at this video from Science Nature Page, aka Hashem Al-Ghaili, which has been watched more than 90 million times:

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