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What Is STD Testing?

A sexually transmitted disease, or STD, is an infection that is transmitted through sexual contact, including but not limited to oral, vaginal and anal sex. Because many STDs usually do not exhibit obvious physical symptoms, getting tested regularly is crucial for sexually active people hoping to maintain good sexual health.

For many, the prospect of getting tested for STDs can be intimidating. Fortunately for those people, the STD testing conducted at’s same-day STD testing centers only require a small blood or urine sample.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea tests are performed using a urine sample, while HIV, genital herpes, oral herpes, syphilis, hepatitis A, B, and C tests are performed through a small blood sample. Moreover, there is no swabbing or physical examination necessary and the entire procedure lasts no longer than five minutes.

Order STD testing online

Use our STD Test Recommendation tool to determine the test or tests that may be right for you.

Keep in mind that there is no single test that can detect every STD because each test specifically screens for a given infection. That is why most doctors advise taking the all-inclusive 10 test panel that will check for most common STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, oral herpes, genital herpes, HIV-1 and HIV-2, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and syphilis.

Common misconceptions about STD testing

There are a few common misconceptions about STDs we feel you should know about, including that having one STD will stop you from contracting others. The truth is that if you are at risk for one STD you are at risk for all STDs; you can have more than one at a time.

Another common fallacy is that once you have contracted and been treated for a given STD that you cannot get the same STD again. Obviously, this is untrue since you can get an STD multiple times and getting treated for an STD once does not guarantee that it will not recur. Since re-infections are common, you should get tested if you have had any recent sexual contact.

How to get tested for STDs

To get started, order your STD testing online, then visit a conveniently located test center and receive your results within 24-48 hours. It really is that simple.

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