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Artist Writes Feminist Messages On Period Pads As Part Of A Powerful Project

A young artist from Germany is spreading important feminist messages in her unconventional, but incredibly powerful, project. Elonë, who hails from Karlsruhe, has been writing her thought-provoking statements on period pads, and sticking them up across the city to make people stop and think.

According to MTV, the project was inspired by a tweet Elonë saw in September last year, which speculated about a world where men were just as disgusted with rape as they are with periods.

Having been retweeted over 17,000 times, it caused the artist to consider how she could make this point visually, which was how she came up with the striking concept for the project.

Writing statements such as "rapists rape people, not outfits", she is tackling big feminist issues through the brave medium of something so taboo as period pads.

Putting the spotlight on such a recognised stigma by parading them in a public place will hopefully force the realisation that periods are just another natural part of a woman's life. But the project, sadly unsurprisingly, hasn't gone down without criticism from those who are uncomfortable with the idea.

But in response to that, Elonë has reminded her critics that "feminism is equality, not men hate", and clarified on her blog that she didn't  do it "to provoke. I did this to get people to think.

What a brilliant, brilliant idea.

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