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Here'S What This Line On The Palm Of Your Hand Reveals About Your Life And Your Personality

For thousands of years, men have been curious to know what the lines of the hand reveal about their temperaments. This discipline is also called palmistry. Various similar practices have developed such as the draw of the tarot, astrology or cartomancy.

Palmistry as a key to understanding the personality of everyone has existed for more than 5000 years. It has been perfected over time and passed from generation to generation. In chiromancy, there are three different lines: the line of the head, the line of life and the line of the heart. The line of the heart is what gives indications on the love life as well as the state of the heart, as an organ.

To discover what this line on the hand can teach us, it is necessary to delimit it first.
The line of the heart begins towards the center of the hand on the edge of the palm and ends towards the little finger.

What is your heart line?

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