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Woman Posts About Missing Dog - Only To Discover 'Thief' Trying To Sell The Pup

After her boyfriend's beloved husky pup, Sansa, went missing, one woman did what any dog-owner would do, and posted notices asking for information.

Happily, someone had seen the dog. Unfortunately, said person decided they wanted to make a tidy sum off the lost pooch.

However, despite the attempts to bring the thief to justice, the status of the ad was later switched to "sold".

It seemed as if the thief had been successful in selling on the poor dog.

But a later post from the owner's boyfriend revealed that the story had a happy ending.

She wrote: "Martin was asking people around the neighbourhood and an amazing little boy led him to the house that had her. If it wasn't for that little boy she would have been sold."

While the posts have since been deleted, the story has been widely shared.

Others were quick to weigh in on the thief's actions, describing her as a "scumbag".

One response offered some sage advice, writing: "Microchip your pets! Stolen pets have been reunited with owners when people end up bringing the dog to the vet after buying from a thief!"

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