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Test: What Is The First Impression They Have Of You?

Have you ever wondered what others think when they look at you? What is that “first impression” they have of you? Find it out! 

When we see a stranger, without knowing anything about him or his story, we create a “first impression” from his gestures, his way of moving, of looking or talking. But there is something that we can not define well, that generates confidence or distrust, pleasure or discomfort.Of course, many times, these first impressions are wrong. Because when we look at another we do not know, we unconsciously project our fears and prejudices onto that person. Without wanting to, we can also locate someone in a place that does not belong to him, assign characteristics that we think we see but that really have another reason to be. For example, a shy person may seem grumpy or unkind.

Consider the following picture and answers: ¿ What was the first thing you saw?

If your answer was: “columns”

If the first thing you saw were columns or pillars, possibly when other people see you think that you are sure of yourself. Some may even say that you are a little arrogant or that you are stiff, but it is because of your position. You seem strong and determined, but deep down you have your emotionality, only that it is a matter of confidence to show it and you choose to go step by step.

If your answer was: “people”

If the first thing you saw in the image were people looking at each other, what they see first of you will surely be your character. You have a personality that stands out and that draws attention, do not go unnoticed. It may be because of sympathy, sensitivity, eccentricity or another feature that you notice in your way of speaking and moving. What is clear is that what others see of you is a “part waters”: some are very close to others and repels them.

If your answer was: “columns and people”

If your answer was that in the image the columns and the people are seen jointly possibly what others see about you is that you are an interesting person. It can be by your physical posture, by your way of looking or by the gestures of your body. But there is something that transmits a kind of mysticism, or a mysterious air that in some people can function as a magnet for seduction.

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