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I Think I May Be Pregnant But I'M Not Sure. I Took A Test After Exactly A Week. It Was Negative But

I think I may be pregnant but I'm not sure. I took a test after exactly a week. It was negative but now the few days after including today I've gotten symptoms such as: mild nausea, headaches, clear discharge, abdominal cramping and swelling and a bit of moodiness, and everything I eat makes me nauseous, and I always have this strange taste in my mouth.

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  • Adona Taylor

    Adona Taylor

    2020-02-15 19:38:48

    I'd take a test. If you are pregnant it could take a little bit for HCG to be detected so if it's negative the first time wait about a couple days to a week then take another one.

  • Desi R

    Desi R

    2020-02-17 19:36:53

    I took another and it's still negative I'm very confused at this point it's been two weeks and my breasts are super sore and last night my nipples were swollen

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