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Let’s Talk Period!

Let’s talk period! Three pairs of sisters host the podcast The Left Ovaries and talk about ‘shit women deal with on the daily’. What’s that? Everything! Being a woman in the workplace, feminist porn, dating and of course, periods!

Meet The Left Ovaries. Starting from the left: Claire Breen, Bella Rosen, Mackenzie McNabb, Shelby McNabb, Bianca Rosen and Erin Breen.

The period and all its marvelous extras are being discussed in two episodes: Bleeding Love part one and two. The first episode focusses on alternative menstrual hygiene products like the menstrual cup. Also, some interesting thoughts are discussed: what if men would menstruate? Would they brag about how much and how long? Would there be ceremonies to celebrate?

‘We are the Left Ovaries and we want to be your Best Feminist Friend!’

In the second episode on menstruation, other products are tested: menstrual underwear, organic tampons without applicator and menstrual sponges. The girls explain what they look like and how they experienced using the products.

The Left Ovaries want to discuss topics that are uncommon in the mainstream media, from a women’s perspective. They want to offer a stage for women’s voices that are not recognized enough in the public area. The sisters do this in a fun and accessible way. So when you’ve finished listening the Bleeding Love episodes, don’t forget to check out the others as well.

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