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8 Photos Showing People Trying To Be Smart But Hilariously Failed

Fact check: none of us are perfect and we all occasionally mess up. That’s okay and that’s usually an unavoidable part of life.

Despite that, we still gotta admit that it can be pretty satisfying when it’s the wise asses who are publicly making a mess – and that their slip-ups are captured on camera!

Case in point, the hilarious photos below are as cringeworthy as they are satisfying and at the same time. Go check out this compilation and have a good laugh!

#1. “You uneducated potato” is now officially my favorite catchphrase ever.

#2. My neighbor named Steve.

#3. Sometimes you just need to prove yourself.

#4. When you buy a ticket for the wrong concert.

#5. Massive facepalm for all the donors!

#6. The Leonardo Confusion.

#7. “Susan you look very nice but…”

#8. Stupidity at its finest.

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