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This 4-Yr-Old Lost His Father. What His Mom Did To Help Him Cope Will DEFINITELY Choke You Up!

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is terribly difficult. As adults, we may already have developed coping mechanisms that can help us endure the painful loss. But for kids, it may be an entirely different story.

Four-year-old Wyatt Revels tragically lost his father in January 29, 2015. His mother, Alysha Starling, said that he has been struggling to come to terms with the idea that his father is never coming back. One of her friends came up with the idea of sending little Wyatt a handmade card or a little something to brighten up his day, put a smile on his face, and distract him from the loss. So far, it has been working.

This was posted on Troubleshooter Diane Wilson WTVD:

Since then, the response from strangers was overwhelming!

Wyatt enjoys getting pictures of people’s dogs and silly pictures of other animals.

He kept all the cards he received in his “special boxes”.

Little Wyatt, sleeping with his favorite picture of him and his daddy that a family friend made into a plaque:

Let’s help Wyatt recover from the loss.

You can send him a card or a little something that can put a smile back on his face. Here’s the mailing address:

Share this story with your friends. They, too, might be able to help Wyatt.

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