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So I Need Help With 2 Things... 1.) I Have Had My Period For A Year And I Just Started Getting

So I need help with 2 things... 1.) I have had my period for a year and I just started getting cramps and they are BAD. So if yall have any tips or tricks please help.... 2.) My boyfriend is always like can I kiss you and I say no and he keeps asking and I don't know what to do. The reason I say no is because I'm 12 and not ready for all that stuff yet. PLEASE HELP MEH

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  • Britney Giles

    Britney Giles

    2020-02-14 04:34:23

    you've done the right thing. if he loves you he should've respect you

  • ♡♡


    2020-02-18 04:51:33

    I'm pretty sure her boyfriend does love her, but he is just desperate.

  • Perpetual Kahindo

    Perpetual Kahindo

    2020-02-19 04:51:55

    I get really bad cramps aswell and what works for me is medicine and a hot water bottle to put on my lower stomach. As for your boyfriend I think you should tell him honestly how you feel. If he doesn't respect and understand that then I personally think you shoul just break up with him. like you said you are young and if you let him pressure you into kissing he will also think he can pressure you into having sex. If he truly loves you, he'll wait until your ready. Your young my love, enjoy your youth/childhood and wait till your mature to get into relationships.

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