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So Im 7 Days Late Which Is Something That Has Never Happened Before, I Was Waiting Until This Week

so im 7 days late which is something that has never happened before, i was waiting until this week was over to see if maybe i would get my period. so i was looking online and saw some home remedies on pregnancy test and i came across the one with tooth paste so i tried it and as soon as i did it , it foamed up really quickly 🤦‍♀️ do any of you guys believe in that ??

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  • Adona Taylor

    Adona Taylor

    2020-02-15 19:34:20

    I tried it before and it didn't foam up in the slightest and I ended up not being pregnant. So if it foamed up immediately it's more than likely positive so then I'd say get a store bought pregnancy test to confirm you are. When I test I usually get the ones with the pink dye bc the blue is more of a risk for evaporation lines. I wish you luck honey 👶❤️

  • Gabriela DE leon

    Gabriela DE leon

    2020-02-18 05:15:42

    thank you 😊

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