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Im New Here! This Is Super Long So If You Read Thank You So Much! I Just Really Need Some

Im new here! This is super long so if you read thank you so much! I just really need some opinions
Have been using this app along with a few others to try and track my period because my husband and i are TTC. Ive always had irregular periods , even after having my son ( He is almost 4 ). Last year around the middle Of the year ,I was bleeding non stop for months , It would stop for maybe 2 months at a time, i would get my period again and it was just a cycle. I dont have health insurance so going to the doctor was really a last resort for me at one point. eventually i just couldnt do it anymore , so i went to the doctor and he put me on birth control. I got on the pill for 3 Months then got off of it and my period did actually regulate for about 3 months. And now its been around 62-64 days without a period. Since I’m TTC i do baby dance regularly. Ive taken tests Here and there when i feel something off , never got a postive obviously. Fast forward two days ago i woke up to super hard full breasts. They hurt to the touch and honestly felt like how my boobs started getting big when I was pregnant with my son , but at that point I was already well over 3 months pregnant. So I figured if it continues I will take a test. Today I woke up and it was still the same , super sore full breasts. I pee way more often now as well. I went out and got a 99cent test ( pink dye ) and it came back negative. Now I’m just wondering has this happened to anyone and they were actually pregnant ? Me being irregular really doesn’t help with me knowing if and when I ovulate, but now I just really really feel like I’m pregnant and maybe I just tested too early?

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