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Ask The Midwife: Am I Losing My Baby?

If you have some brown discharge or a small amount of blood loss you may be concerned that you are losing your baby. Our midwife explains.

I am 10 weeks pregnant and yesterday saw some brown/pink discharge when I wiped.  This was a couple of hours after intercourse.  I have not seen any since.  After having two miscarriages this year, I am very stressed.  Could this be the start of another loss?

Our midwife Melissa says:

It is difficult to say what this might have been.  It could be some bleeding from the surface of your cervix, say from a polyp, or it could be the start of a miscarriage, but this seems unlikely from what you have written.

The best advice I can give is to see your midwife or doctor who can run some tests and examine you to determine what is happening and put your mind at ease.

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