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I Take This Test Today After 5 Days Without My Period, But I Can’t Understand Why If I Take The

I take this test today after 5 days without my period, but I can’t understand why if I take the test at the same time 1 say yes and the other no 😔

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  • Adona Taylor

    Adona Taylor

    2020-02-15 19:31:16

    I'd wait w couple days then take at least 3 more to be sure. One test may be more sensitive than the other or there may be a false negative/ positive. Wish you luck👶👶👶

  • Laura Ashley

    Laura Ashley

    2020-02-18 04:30:16

    I see a faint line so to me looks like both are positive! Congrats :)

  • Isabel Martinez

    Isabel Martinez

    2020-02-18 09:01:50

    I see a faint line

  • Timberly Lozano

    Timberly Lozano

    2020-02-18 17:39:22

    those first response have been given false positives latley i would take a few more tests before getting excited

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