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So I Was With This Dude For 10 Months. Well I Went To College And I Was Going Surprise Him By

So I was with this dude for 10 Months. well I went to college and I was going surprise him by coming back for our 10 months 🙃🙃 I already had it all planned out with his mom and my fam and all WELLLL this dude and I got into it- like really into it. Screaming/crying over the phone and everything. We had broken up in april and got back together and since I had left for college like the total MONTH I was there We talked on the phone for an hour- the entire month. So I called his mama and she said he was out with friends so I called him and he was like “I wanna break up, youre doing too much” so I said “well are you happy or are you just needing a hit on somone?” THIS MAN HAD THE AUDACITY TO SAY “I just felt bad that I hurt you I didnt want to get back together the last time” LITERALLY 6 MONTHS AGO. of course I was broken hearted but guess who moved on and is in a fantastic relationship and the last week ive just not felt good and I had “morning sickness” (I havent taken a test yet LOL) the last 3/4 days. Guess who also drunk called my best friend to cry to her that he missed me a few days ago 😂 but ling story short- he had gotten back w me out of pity and then hes still the one that broken hearted and ive done moved tf on 😁 #RidiculousBreakUpReasons#ValentinesDay#LoveStories

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  • Eccovia Solutions

    Eccovia Solutions

    2020-02-14 04:16:02

    hh what a story😂

  • Kristen Avery

    Kristen Avery

    2020-02-14 15:19:27

    Right I look back at it every now and then and wonder wth i was doing 💀

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