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So Ladies I Think I Misscarried I Really Hope It Isnt The Case But The Last Time I Bled Like This

So ladies i think i misscarried i really hope it isnt the case but the last time i bled like this and the pains and clots It was the case . Smh and my period wasnt due for another 2 weeks just about .. i never confimed a prefnanct but i was having all the symptoms i was having when pregnant with my first .. yesterday i woke up to very bad right Lower side pains and then spotting all day then today i wake Up to a waterfall of blood and Flesh tone and Blood . i just dont understand ... i am heart broken .. I really hope when they took my BC out it didnt effect anything because before i had it put in i had a ultra sound done on everything Down there and the doc said it looked great ! Ugh

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