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Sooo I Met My Current Boyfriend Of Almost 6 Months 3 Days After My Heart Got Broken. He Was

Sooo I met my current boyfriend of almost 6 Months 3 days after my heart got broken. He was recently going through a break up too so we coordinated and agreed to kind of be each other’s “rebound”.. OBVIOUSLY that isnt what happened. the first night we met we got sooo mf wasted that when we woke up the next day (like 6 hours later) we were still drunk. we went and ate and then we decided to go do some more drinking (day drinking is such an ”effective” way to get over somone) WELLL we were drinking and then we started getting swarmed by hornets 🙃 I flipped shit and we rode on out of there. Sadly enough my outfit got RUINED (thank goodness it wasnt my fav) so we then had to shower and wash off. well we both took enough benedryl to knock out an elephant. so we didnt wake up till the next day (Sunday) he felt bad so he took me shopping (it was in that moment I knew I wanted this mans children) got a cute outfit (thats now my favorite) and we were looking at snacks and he asked me to be his girlfriend (😭) and I- being the cocky and scared to get hurt person I am- said “hmm I dunno, you gon break my heart too 😅” and to that he just took my face in his hands and with all seriousness said “im not like that stupid fu¢ker, why would I let go of a mf diamond baby” MY HEART MELTEDD. all I could say was “🥴.. okay” COMPLETELY forgot to answer and so he was like “sooo am I single or not bc I gotta tell these girls sum” (talking about the other girls he had matched with) and I said “Youre not single. tell them hoes to DRoP you” may not be the sweetest but he most definitley won my heart that day and now almost 6 months later we’re more in love than ever. Then he took me back to my dorm and we hung out the next weekend and then i moved in, in October.(Pictures go from the first day we met- neither of us remember taking that picture- to just a few days ago)#LoveOfMyLife#LoveStories#HowWeMet

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  • Hellem Azevedo

    Hellem Azevedo

    2020-02-14 04:08:17

    hhh congrats to you❤️

  • Kristen Avery

    Kristen Avery

    2020-02-14 15:18:39

    Thank you 😊

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