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Pascal Duvier: Ex Of Kim Kardashian’s Bodyguard Makes Shocking Claim — He Abused Me

Pascal Duvier’s checkered past is catching up to him! The ex-wife of Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard, Glenda, has come forward with a shocking claim that he physically abused her in front of their children. Read all the twisted details, here.

What is going on with Kim Kardashian‘s, 35, bodyguard?! First, it was revealed that Pascal Duvier filed for bankruptcy this summer, and now, his ex-wife Glenda is making claims that he hit her! If there’s anyone out there who believes Pascal had something to do with the reality star’s robbery, this news sure isn’t helping his case. “He hit me in the face,” states the court document obtained by the Daily Mail. “I fell to the floor and passed out. The kids saw and one of my friends.”

The abuse evidently got so bad, that Glenda filed a temporary restraining order against Pascal. Glenda claims the violence wasn’t just a one-time occurrence, and that the latest outburst happened in Sept. 2013 when their three children and two friends were at their home. Under injuries, Glenda wrote, “Left cheek is swollen, headache persists.” In response to the suit, the 6’4″ bodyguard did kind of ‘fess up to “swiping” her with his hand by writing a five-page letter. In it, Pascal mentions that his then-wife was unfaithful, and that she tried keeping their kids away from him in an attempt to hurt him.

Kim Kardashian Robbed In Paris — See Pics

Pascal has been in some scorching hot water since the Parisian robbery took place on Oct. 3. The cynics out there who believe the break-in was staged also seem to think that Pascal was in on it the whole time! What worries us, however, is the fact that Pascal deleted all and any traces of Kim from his social media accounts. Pascal’s Instagram used to have pics of him watching over the socialite at different events, and now there’s nothing! Did the guy get fired? Hopefully we’ll have answers soon!

HollywoodLifers, are you as shocked as we are about Glenda’s accusations? Tell us below!

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