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Grandad Downs Half A Pot Of Paint Mistaking It For Yogurt - And Has No Regrets

A 90 year-old grandad has somehow managed to drink half a can of paint with no adverse side effects whatsoever.

Not only that, but whereas the rest of us might be feeling a little off-colour, he remains "unfazed".

Alex Stein, from New York, last week posted about her grandad, Bobby, who loves yogurt.

Bobby had mistaken a can of mint green paint for his favourite food item and downed half of it.

Alex discovered the half-empty can of paint and Bobby - complete with mint green mouth - and posted a photo of him with the caption: "Sooo my grandpa ate half a quart of paint today thinking it was yogurt."

Speaking to MailOnline she explained: "When I say he loves yogurt, he LIVES for yogurt.

"My mum buys at least 7 quarts of vanilla Danon yogurt a week."

Alex added: "My grandpa has always loved entertaining people. He doesn't care whether people are laughing with him or at him."

But what does Bobby make of it all?

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