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FDA Advises Pregnant Women To Eat More Seafood

Eat seafood or not eat seafood?  This is a question that many pregnant women have asked themselves over the years due to the controversy of mercury levels contained within a lot of our seafood.  The FDA came out with an advisory over the past few days advising pregnant and breastfeeding women to eat more fish!  However, multiple consumer groups have come out fighting and demanding that the seafood should be labeled to indicate mercury levels.

Omega-3 found in fish is believed to aid in brain development.  Many people often take fish oil tablets for this very reason.

Recently, the FDA conducted an analysis of 1,000 women and found that 21 percent of them had eaten NO fish in the previous month.  Due to this and other observations, the government is now advising women to eat more fish.  Their recommendation is 2 to 3 servings of low mercury fish, which is approximately 8 to 12 ounces.

Low mercury fish?  How are consumers to know what those types of fish are without labels says multiple consumer groups.  Should we go on memory while at the grocery store?  What if we get confused and buy fish high in mercury?  These are the complaints of the groups that are demanding labeling but as of now.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) says they support what the FDA has proposed. However, ACOG cautions that women should avoid swordfish, tilefish, shark and king mackerel due to their high mercury content. They also say that they will continue to review what the FDA has proposed but recommends for you to discuss with your physician regarding your seafood intake during pregnancy.

At our Gainesville’s All About Women, our doctors care about your health at all stages of your life.  We are happy to discuss any questions and concerns you may have, or you may browse our blog and knowledge center for more information.  If you have yet to find a pregnancy doctor you can trust talk to confidentially, please contact our Gainesville or Lake City office to schedule an appointment today.

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