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Sex Q&A: Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant?

A: There are lots of things you can do to improve your chances of getting pregnant. First, I'd like you to consider your overall health by eating a nutritious diet full of leafy green vegetables and fresh fruit. You should certainly not be smoking or drinking (or at least drinking very little in the run-up to getting pregnant). Try to get proper sleep and de-stress your life wherever you can. Also, ask your healthcare provider about taking a folic acid supplement. Your husband should also take measures to be in good physical health as well as not letting his testicles get overheated in tight pants, exercise shorts, and so on.

Since you don't mention any problems with fertility, I'd avoid getting overly concerned about taking your temperature or using an ovulation-predictor kit when you're first trying. Instead, make love as frequently as you want, aiming for the center of your monthly cycle. Once your husband ejaculates, you should roll onto your back (if you're not already in that position), tip your pelvis into the air, and lift your legs -- gravity will literally help his semen on their way. Think of the "bicycle" position where people cycle their legs in the air. Also, ensure you have an orgasm so that the rhythmic contractions help the semen move up toward your cervix. Good luck!

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