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My Wife Is Pregnant. My Employer (I Freelance, But It'S W-2) Says She Can'T Hire Me For Certain

My wife is pregnant. My employer (I freelance, but it's W-2) says she can't hire me for certain jobs for an entire month because my wife could give birth "at any time". I don't think I'm protected under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act due to the fact that I'm a hetero man and I'm not the one that's actually pregnant. Do I have any legal recourse?

edit: more information - I work in a live event field, so the hours are sporadic, not a daily 9-5, and I have to be there. My crewer is saying she can't hire me for "lead" in my team of 2-4, even though there are people that can fill in the job in case I have to take a day off for the birth, which is in effect a demotion and pay cut. I've told my crewer that I am not planning on taking any time off other than the birth, but she's insisting that I take time off and that 2 weeks on either side of the due date (which of course is different than our doctor told us) she can't use me for the lead position since it would be a little harder to fill.

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