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The Animal Test: What Animal Are You?

Everything we do, prefer or abhor is never random but determined by precise reasons. If we adore an animal or maybe we would like to reincarnate in it, we issue precise signals. Finding out what your preferences are and showing you some unknown aspects of your character is what this Animal Test proposes.

After giving your preference, read the results shown after the photo

Unicorn : overflowing with human warmth that you spread out to all those around you. Sufferers can always count on you. Establish lasting emotional bonds also because you take on the burden and the obligations they entail without problems. You are very sensitive and report deep wounds for this reason. But always forgive. In the work you carry out the tasks that you are charged with. Addiction doesn’t bother you. In short, you are the ideal friend were it not for the fact that every now and then you become completely irrational and there is no way to make you think again!

Elephant : you are idealists, ready to defend noble causes and you would like to succeed in great admirable deeds. Failure to do this makes you unhappy and often makes you lose confidence in yourself. The cause of your anxieties is precisely in this distrust and insecurity. You feel weak and unarmed, lacking in the dynamism that you need and it is this side of your character that you would like to change. 
It annoys your shyness and your attachment to traditional values ​​and you would like to shake them off. You can succeed only by regaining confidence in yourself.

Giraffe : you are thirsty for freedom and power and your dream is to finally be able to impose yourself on those who currently dominate you both in the family and in work. You want to enjoy life and let out your ardent and passionate nature. Definitely up to now you have been too good (goodness = stupidity): you would like to become harder and be able to reject those who have exploited you for so long without leaving you the chance to think about you.

Rabbit : you are peaceful, peaceful, home and comfort lovers. You enjoy being in your chair reading and reflecting. Apparently cold and not very expansive, in reality you are available, but hate useless chatter. Your characteristic is an extraordinary self-control and cold blood. In work, which you do not love much, you are constant as long as you can do it at your own pace and then enjoy a well-deserved rest. Traditionalists, you are on a strict education, and if someone discusses your principles, he suffers all your anger.

Turtle:  your mind is continually prey to ideas and thoughts that you cannot control and even your actions are never very thoughtful. 
You would like to have more cold blood, to be more realistic and reflective because your uncontrollable agitation causes you suffering and serves only to stun you. You tend to live on the surface of both yourself and others. This leads you to be an easy prey to other people’s ideas and choices that you make yours without any critical spirit. This bothers you and you would like to change.

Sheep : you are apparently wise, reserved and serious, but it is only the mask that social life has forced you to wear. You would like to live happily, without much thought, going where and when you desire. Instead you seem to float in the greyness and monotony and this accentuates your natural pessimism making it the dominant note of your character. However, your work remains that you perform to perfection without neglecting the details.

Bird : you are born fighters, you do not like easy victories, but you are fascinated by everything that is risk, complication. In work and in life it is a continuous test of your qualities. You are always the first to attack and it must be said that you also know how to lose. You are angry but rarely hold a grudge. Jealous, do not admit that someone else is more appreciated than you. In love you have considerable success, you are perhaps a little bit unfaithful, but in any case deeply connected to those around you.

Chick : you are not satisfied with your current condition. You dream of being brilliant, intelligent, of being able to take sudden and important decisions, to travel to distant countries. You are full of ideas, but you cannot put them into practice also because you are terrified of the possible defeat. You would like to get the most, be the first and the most formidable, but the obligations of life prevent me. Or is it the fear of losing?

Fish:  your life is full of tensions, difficulties and decisions. You are always forced to stay in the front row, constantly updating yourself and solving problems. In this situation you are often over-excited, gasping and you have the impression of having reached the limit. You have the desire to dedicate some time to yourself, to doing nothing, finally looking at others who are agitated. In short, you want to withdraw from the race for a moment and not being able to do so is the cause of your bad mood.

Leone : you would like to create a new, more aggressive personality, but think that you lack the audacity and the security to impose yourself. You are convinced that people take advantage of you and you have enough. You would like to shake the weight of an authority that crushes you. For the moment, do not dare to launch into big business, being unable to organize an attack plan. The open struggle still makes you afraid but you have a great desire to fight and win.

Crocodile : you are apparently submissive and indifferent to criticism, reproaches and punishments, but yours is only a mask behind which a deep resentment is hidden. What you don’t like about yourself is the lack of audacity to be able to rebel and send everyone to be blessed. But you are not at all defeated by this state of affairs; it is quite a bit that you tell yourself that it is time to take things in hand again and probably it is now a matter of little, very little …

Horse : what you admire most is perseverance, the energy that seems to you to somehow lack. In reality this is not the case, but excessive reflection sometimes makes you miss good opportunities. Before throwing yourself into something you need to assess the problems connected too thoroughly and if there is any possibility of failure, do not move. Your self-criticism of lack of energy is linked to this. Every action involves question marks but you can’t know the result if you don’t try it and that’s what you’d like to do.

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