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Owl Test: Discover Your Strengths And Limitations In Dealing With Problems

Faced with a problem, not everyone reacts or behaves the same way. Our experience has inevitably shaped our personality and consequently our behavior. Knowing how to tackle a problem successfully denotes great self-esteem, good ability and confidence in one’s resources. Then there are those who do not do it and perhaps amplify the problem more than it actually is.

For example, how do you deal with problems? Take the psychological test and you will understand your strengths and limitations in dealing with problems. This will help you to understand yourself better and be able to work accordingly on your own limits and strengthen them. Look at the picture below and choose the image that most attracts your attention.

Psychological test results

When it comes to solving a problem you are a well of ideas! 
How you deal with the problem : Your motto is: “There are no problems, only solutions!” You 
face obstacles with a determination that provokes the admiration of others. 
Your strong points : You know yourself well. You know how far you can go, which gives you the ability to find creative solutions! You have a winning card: you know how to analyze every difficulty and manage to project the different exit routes over time. Then you just need to apply the most suitable solution … 
your limits: Sometimes you act too fast. Let yourself be carried away by your momentum, by the desire to find a quick and effective solution! Furthermore, your generosity leads you to want to solve the problems of others, which sometimes exhausts you … 
How to act : Stop wanting to always win on all fronts, as if it were a war! Focus on one problem at a time! You will be just as efficient and more balanced.

When a problem disrupts the peaceful course of your existence you are crushed. 
How you deal with the problem : you feel lost, scared, and you can’t put your ideas in order to find a solution. 
Your strong points : Can you positively project yourself into the future! When you give an exam you think that all the questions will be easy; when you do a job interview you are sure of being hired; when you go on vacation you imagine that everything will go as you had planned … 
Your limits : It’s nice to see life in pink. But we must also take reality into consideration. And you don’t. So when things go wrong go panic without being able to decide quickly what to do. 
How to act: Get used to anticipating problems! Try to foresee some difficulties in your future projects. The unexpected will seem less scary and you will be able to better manage your emotions.

When a problem arises, you talk about it very little, rather you prefer not to think about it! 
How you deal with the problem : You wait for the problem to resolve itself, and you dedicate yourself to something else (work, go out …) Or you turn to the person who seems best suited to solve your problem … 
Your strong points : You have the extraordinary ability to forget worries, throwing body and soul into your favorite pastimes or letting other people act for you. 
Your limits : You don’t have enough confidence in yourself and in your ability to overcome an obstacle. Maybe you have experienced failures and since then you no longer want to have an active role in solving problems. 
How to act: Identify your escape tactics, avoid them and develop strategies to solve problems. 
At the beginning, get help from trusted people. 
Progressively you will be able to control your need for escape.

What’s the problem? 
Life has been able to give you so many of those problems that no longer frightens you. 
How do you deal with the problem : once maybe not, but now you are more cynical and realistic. Experience the problem in a detached way without getting involved in the consequences. 
Your strengths : you have the ability to take any negative events in your path head-on, even if for a moment you fall you know how to recover strength and determination to move forward 
Your limits : you do not have enough confidence in others and this leads you to want to resolve any issue without anyone’s help. 
How to act: learn to trust people and understand that problems do not necessarily come up on their own. You have suffered too much in life but now it is time to turn the page

All to me! 
When a problem occurs, you seem to be gripped by constant problems! 
How you deal with the problem : you spend a lot of energy on complaints and anger before actually acting 
your strengths: despite everything you seem to go wrong, you don’t get down. You can be determined in the face of adversity 
Your limits : you have a lot of determination to sell but you spend too much time meditating revenge if you can identify the cause of the problem, who got you the problem 
How to act: don’t be too angry about life, there will always be problems and you don’t have to invalidate your life for that. Learn to smile more and you will see that the problems will be less serious than you think


You certainly don’t miss the problems, but neither does the strength to face them. 
How to deal with the problem: well, I could say in the best way, of course you are not happy when something goes wrong but you have the patience and the calm to not make you invalidate the day. 
Your strengths : patience, calm, self control, so you have all the qualities to get out of it, always winning 
. Your limits : it may not seem like a limit but it is! What, you’ll ask. The habit of solving the problems of others, wanting to work for others. It is a limitation because you often have the ability to take on the problems of others. 
How to act:learn to say no, I can’t: as long as you say yes, even when you shouldn’t, you risk invalidating your serenity. I wouldn’t be surprised if I sometimes had anxiety problems.

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