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This Guy'S Dating CV Is So 2017 It Hurts

The story of the CV is one as old as time. Adams was trying to talk to a girl who rejected him because he didn't have one.

“She asked if I had a dating résumé that she could look at, and when I said no (like any normal person would) she told me no,” he told BuzzFeed. “So afterward I decided to make one, so if it ever came up again I could use it in my favour.”

This time, when he saw his shot he took it. Unfortunately, it didn't work. The CV was an individual failure.

But, you know, things turned around fast for Adams, as he's since apparently secured several invitations to East Lansing-area formals.

And then the speaker would be beheaded for impugning both the crown and God. The Middle Ages were tricky that way.

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