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Our Top Six Weirdest Sex Stories Of The Year Are...

The World Wide Web is a weird and wonderful thing... sometimes much more weird than wonderful. 

We've typed some outrageous headlines in our days but these six stories had us scratching our heads in disbelief.

Here's to 2014 and six of the weirdest sex story the year has brought us...

Warning: These are not for the faint-hearted. 

1. Woman Ends Up With Two Broken Legs After Threesome Goes Drastically Wrong

We’ve heard of sexy time leading to heartbreak, but this takes it to a whole other level…

Driving without a seatbelt is frowned upon as it is extremely dangerous, however is seems a stationery vehicle can also pose health risks, especially if a few passengers are engaging in a horizontal dance and the handbrake is accidentally hit in the risqué scenario.

Back in June, two women and a gent decided to park up and partake in a threesome when one of the party unfortunately disengaged the handbrake.

Unbeknownst to the group inside, the car rolled and then crashed into a tree, causing one of the females to break both of her legs. Ouch.

“Miss Birthday Suit”- as the news presenter narrating this clip below refers to the injured woman as – was completely naked when emergency services arrived at the scene and was accompanied to the hospital by her male companion.

2. Ewe-niversity Student Admits To Having Sex With Sheep Because He Was "Stressed About Exams" 

We’ve all the read the tips on how to ease exam pressures and this is definitely not one of them…

A 23-year-old Fresno State University student has admitted to engaging in a sex act with a sheep after being caught in his California campus barn with an ewe.

The young man, who is studying computer engineering, told authorities that he had sex with the animal because he was “stressed about exams”.

According to ABC7, the student was caught in the act when another college-goer heard noise coming from the agricultural department’s barn in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The man, who has not been named, is facing charges of sexual assault of an animal.

Upon arrest he informed Fresno State police that he consumed a vast amount of alcohol and was feeling stressed about upcoming exams.

3. Afternoon Delight: Couple Caught Having Sex On Fountain In Broad Daylight

Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight...

There’s a time and a place for everything, and when it comes to partaking in a horizontal dance with your partner, it goes without saying that a sunny afternoon atop of a historic public fountain is not exactly ideal.

However for one Russian couple, it was and the erotic encounter has enraged local authorities so much that they’re on the hunt for the lovebirds.

According to 26-year-old Aleksey Douhov, who filmed the incident on his mobile phone, the session, which happened in the city of Samara, lasted 15 minutes.

In the video the woman can be clearly seen on top of a man who is lying back on the fountain wall. The clip ends with the pair getting dressed before walking off while laughing.

“I guess they were at it for about 15 minutes and nobody did anything, even though it was 11 o’clock in the morning,” Douhov said.

“They were having full-on sex lying in the sun beside the fountain in Leningrad Street and they acted as if it was the most normal thing in the world”.

Warning: this video contains scenes of a sexual nature.

4. When Sexual Fantasies Go Wrong... 

An unidentified man had to have a South American Lungfish surgically removed after he inserted it up his anus.

According to reports, the man sought medical help at Hospital Universitario in Brazil after the fish wriggled into his intestines.

While he recovered from the operation, the fish had to be euthanized despite still being alive when removed by doctors.

The man has allegedly taken legal action and lodged a formal complaint through his solicitor after footage of the operation emerged online.

(Image, via YouTube, is not said South American Lungfish.)

5. Sex On The Beach...

A couple were reportedly on Porto San Giorgio beach when the mood struck and they decided to go into the ocean for some sexy time.

It wasn't a happy ending however when the man discovered that he was unable to detach himself because of suction. In other words, they got stuck together.

Thankfully, they were able to manoeuvre themselves back onto the beach and a woman gave them a towel to protect their modesty.

Il Mattino reports that a doctor was called and the couple were taken to hospital where the woman was given an injection normally used to dilate the cervix of a pregnant woman.

So there you go, having sex in the sea is bad. Very bad. (The song is still pretty good though.)

6. Well Horse... 

A Florida man ended up on the wrong side of the law after he was caught performing a lewd act with a stuffed animal.

19-year-old Sean Johnson allegedly took a stuffed toy horse from a shelf in a Brooksville Walmart department store and made his way to the bedding area where he used the animal to masturbate.

The incident, which was watched by employees on CCTV, showed the young man complete the act before leaving the horse in a bag on a bed and quickly exiting the building.

According to The Smoking Gun, the police report filed said that Johnson had “selected a brown, tan, and red stuffed horse from the clearance shelf in the garden department”.

He then pulled out his genitals “which were in an aroused state” and proceeded to hump the stuffed animal until he achieved an orgasm.

Johnson was arrested shortly after the event and in a written statement admitted that he had committed a “horrible act”.

“I did unmentionables to a stuffed animal,” he wrote, “I need to think before what I do. I’m extremely sorry”.

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