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Part 2 - What Is Keratin Eyelash?

Part 2 - What is keratin eyelash?

Keratin eyelashes have recently become very popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

This method of eyelash growth refers to the use of keratin ingredients and special tools to make the eyelashes look curled and dark.


- Keratin eyelashes help maintain the original eyelashes while enhancing the elasticity and gloss of the eyelashes.

- Since it is made with its own eyelashes, there will be no foreign body sensation or burden on both eyes, and the eyelashes will immediately appear to be upturned and curved.

- Do not let the eyelashes wet for 24 hours after the treatment, then use eyelash curler, mascara, eye shadow and other beauty products as usual.


- Because keratin eyelashes rely on their own eyelashes, if the eyelashes are relatively sparse, the effect is not obvious.

- It has been reported that there have been Taiwanese girls who have used eye drops for keratin and eyelashes to cause eye injuries.

- It is recommended that you choose a shop with good reputation and standard equipment to avoid injury to your eyes."

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