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Your Sexy Spring Break Survival Guide

Spring time is finally upon us, meaning a time for fresh starts and new beginnings! For many singles, spring is also the perfect time to cut loose and celebrate making it through another dreary winter, which means plenty of sun, sand and sexual adventures. And since it’s the season for warm days and wild nights, what better place to spend them than some tropical destination with all of your friends.. Yes, I am referring to the infamous Spring Break!

But before you go galavanting off on your fabulous getaway with nothing but a bathing suit, some sunglasses and a carton of Red Bull, here are some tips to help you have the safe and sexy Spring Break of your dreams..

DO’s and DONT’s

DO – Bring Your Self-Confidence
Of course, pack your favorite teeny-weeny bikinis and hottest “going out” clothes, but in truth the absolute sexiest thing you can wear is some serious self-confidence. Like Sophia Loren said, sex appeal is 50% what you got, and 50% what people think you got!

One of the greatest things about vacations is that we are free to be whoever we want to be. No one knows who you are, where you came from, or what you’re most insecure about, so no matter what you’re wearing.. Own it! Walk into every room like you are the sexiest person there, and before you know it, you’ll believe it, too.

DON’T – Bring Emotional Baggage
Sunglasses: Check. Phone charger: Check. Vodka: Check. Feelings of intense resentment and sadness from the fallout with your recent ex.. Yeah, better to leave that with TSA.

DO – Go Offline
We’re all guilty of it: We spend so much time checking in on Facebook, snapping selfies on SnapChat, editing picturesque beach scenes on Instagram, and tweeting our cleverest thoughts every 6 minutes that we forget to actually, oh I don’t know, talk to people!

Spring Break is meant to be spent interacting with people, dancing, drinking, exploring. If your face is buried in your cell phone the whole time, you just might miss something magical. Power down the smartphone and save your phone battery for the important stuff- like calling a cab, locating your friend group, or trying to order pizza delivery to the beach at 2am. Like I said, important stuff.

DON’T – Go Off Alone
It’s just like they taught you in elementary school: Safety in numbers. For every 10 fun-loving, decent people you meet on vacay, there are guaranteed to be a few sketchy ones. Being in an unfamiliar and possibly foreign place puts you at risk for all kinds of unsafe situations, so make sure you have a party buddy at all times (one that you already know and trust, not that hot guy you met earlier whose name starts with an S.. Or was it F?)

Don’t go to bars alone, don’t go to clubs alone and do not leave your friends to go back to your hotel alone. Just don’t do it, okay?

DO – Get Down On the Dance Floor
Dancing is not just great exercise, it is good for the soul. Plus it’s also a fantastic way to meet new, fun people. If you’re the type to usually hang out on the sidelines at the bars back home, this is your chance to really let loose and embrace “Vacation You”!

When you’re really tearing it up on the dancefloor and are openly enjoying yourself, people will take notice. No matter who you’re dancing with, let go and have fun with it. And hey, if that cutie from across the club winds up dancing right next to you.. So be it!

DON’T – Get Down On the Beach
It’s one thing to engage in a steamy makeout session with a new friend in a bar. After all, it’s Spring Break, you’re young! It is quite another thing to strip down and do the dirty in a public place, like the beach or the pool or the dance floor at the hottest club. For starters, there are people around. It’s not necessarily the cleanest situation. There may be sand. Oh and the fact that it is actually illegal! Everyone loves a good “wild Spring Break story”, but spending the night in a possibly foreign jail. Why risk it?

No matter how tempting it may be in the heat of the moment, save your sexcapades for the hotel room where there’s a bed, a shower, and room service in the morning!


Spring Break Survival Kit

E&T Down Under Comfort
Unless you’re planning an arctic adventure for your spring getaway, you are probably going to end up somewhere where the sun is hot and the drinks are ice cold. Meaning the possibility of some serious sweat.

Down Under Comfort is your secret weapon against sweaty body parts. This product’s cream-to-powder formula is expertly designed to keep you fresh and clean in your most desirable areas, areas that deodorant might not cover. Like under your breasts, lower back, butt and thighs. Plus, it also works as a kick-ass Dry Shampoo. So many uses, and small enough to stash in your day bag!

Travel-Friendly Sex Toy
It’s completely understandable, you have needs! And you deserve to have those needs attended to while on your dream vacay. However, between the sun, the drinking and the overall excitement that Spring Break provides, it might hard to find a partner who can meet those needs and hold up their end of the bargain, if you know what I mean

Solution: Bring your own orgasm! With it’s discreet design and easy one-push button, The We-Vibe Tango is the perfect Spring Break travel-companion. Despite it’s miniature size (only 3 inches tall!), the Tango’s multiple intensity levels and vibrating patterns really pack a wallop. It’s small enough to tuck into your makeup bag, but strong enough to ensure plenty of pleasure, no man necessary.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Condoms)
So yes, while vacationing in paradise, you might meet someone who’s new territory seems worth exploring. However, a whirlwind romance in an exotic location is no excuse for not playing it safe. Say it with me: No glove, no love.

And since you can’t always count on a guy to bring his own rubbers to the party, take it upon yourself to travel with protection! SKYN condoms are my personal favorite: They’re made of super-soft polyisoprene, and are the closest feeling to wearing nothing at all! And no matter how thin they may feel, they are still tough enough to keep you protected! Meaning no unfortunate surprises when you return home from paradise.

This one is a no-brainer and yet, how many living lobsters do you see wincing around the hotel after the 1st day of vacation sunshine? Let’s be honest here: You will most likely be drinking, you will be spending long hours in the hot sun, chilling at the pool, lounging at the beach, and there is nothing sexy about deep-fried skin and possible risk for skin cancer.

Just like you pack condoms to protect yourself in the bedroom, do not skimp on the skin protection when you’re out in the sun! Otherwise, you’ll be spending your hot Spring Break nights in an icy bath while your SPF-coated friends hit the town.. Do it for the FOMO (AKA fear of missing out)!

Personal Lubricant
There’s a nasty rumor going around that lubricant is only to be used when there’s an issue, or that it is strictly a tool for menopausal women, but that’s just not the truth. Lube is the most underrated resource, yet it holds the key to enhancing your sexual pleasure! In fact, research shows that people who reach for the lube regularly reported higher levels of overall sexual satisfaction and actually enjoyed sex more!

Let’s be honest, sex with new people can often be a somewhat awkward and clumsy experience. Why not ensure a smooth interaction by being prepared? Considering the fact that it’s Spring Break, I’d recommend packing a solid silicone-based lubricant (Like LifeStyles Luxe™ Premium Personal Lubricant) – It’ll last longer and is waterproof for an extra-slippery fun time!

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