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An Iconic Duo: Cannabis And Masturbation

Do you have a go-to when it comes to self-pleasuring?

For most, it’s a rushed experience involving a fantasy and a vibrator.

Those experiences, with their quick releases of energy, serve their purpose for sure.

However, did you know that giving yourself a night of sexual pampering paired with the aphrodisiacal effects of cannabis can leave you feeling more alive and nourished?

The Power Of Pleasure

There might be more to self-pleasure than you think. Instead of focusing on an end goal or rushing to the orgasm through genital stimulation, I invite you to consider other forms of self-pleasure.

This can be anything from sensually touching your skin, to relaxing in a bubble bath, savoring a piece of chocolate, and everything in between. Self-pleasure is literally anything that gives you pleasure. The possibilities are endless…


Having a regular self-pleasuring practice not only leaves you feeling happy, but also has emotional benefits. Self-pleasure can increase self-love, self-awareness, and self-empathy. If only someone would have told my younger self that the key to happiness was self-pleasuring!

Cannabis and the mind

Cannabis, when used intentionally, can support your pleasure filled journey. For most, the biggest challenge to feeling our pleasure is the inability to get out of our heads. Have you ever experienced that over-thinking brain that just won’t stop chatting? This is very common, as transitioning from our stressful lives to a relaxed, meditative state can be tricky.

Consuming cannabis can help quiet that nagging voice by impairing short-term memory for deeper presence during self-pleasure.


It’s very possible that for some, cannabis actually induces that chatty monkey mind. I’ve been there! Your mind races from one thought to the next, creating anxiety in the body. This is very common and can be prevented with these helpful suggestions.

Dosing For Pleasure

When it comes to pairing cannabis with self-pleasure you want to be careful to NOT over do it. Practice micro-dosing, which is the act of dosing slow and low. Try taking one hit, or a small bite of the edible, and waiting and seeing how you feel.

Remember, every consumption experience is unique. Edibles, for example, can take 30-60 minutes for the effects to be felt. Sometimes even longer, so take it really easy with edibles. It’s easier to get more high, harder to get less high, so take it easy until you’re really comfortable with your cannabis practise. 


Self-Pleasure Strains

There’s a common misconception in mainstream cannabis culture that all indicas are sedative, while all sativas are energetic. It is nearly impossible for all strains to fit into two categories.

So instead of thinking Sativa vs Indica think: how do I want to feel in self-pleasure?

Reflect on if you’d like to feel more relaxed, more present or maybe more creative. This is where you want to start. I’ll talk more about intention setting below, but knowing your desired outcome is key for success.

Relaxed, That’s Me!

For those who feel a lot of stress or anxiety, or who have a hard time “coming down” after a long day, I would consider trying strains that provide cerebral relaxation.

Suggested strains include: Granddaddy Purple, Sour kush & Super Lemon Haze.

More Presence Please

If you have difficulties getting out of your head, then I suggest strains that have lower amounts of THC, or a balance of equal parts CBD to THC. Balanced CBD/THC strains will be a little more euphoric than CBD-dominant strains, though they’re much less likely to induce anxiety, paranoia, and other side effects. Great for those who desire a more mellow buzz.

Suggested strains include: One to One and Argyle.

Create My Pleasure

This category can be a great space for exploring strains with higher amounts of THC for a boost of energy and mood. These strains help you shed anxious or negative mental blocks that can stand in the way of experiencing pleasure and creativity.

Suggested strains include: Sour Diesel, AK 47 & Blue Dream.

Pleasure Without The high

If you desire the medicinal benefits without the high then I suggest grabbing strains high in CBD with little to no THC. Strains high in CBD deliver clear-headed, functional effects without the ‘mental high’ associated with strains that are high in THC.

Suggested strains include: Dancehall & ACDC.

Getting Your Mind(set) Right

Your mindset has the ability to make or break your sexual experience. Mindset can be controlled by stories we tell ourselves based on what we’ve been taught by our community and culture. The story of what sex is or isn’t “supposed” to be.

When you evolve past those stories and change your mindset, you can slowly awaken to a healthier more conducive story that highlights pleasure and joy.

The psychoactive effect of THC happens when dopamine floods the brain and we feel pleasure, joy, and euphoria, which changes the mindset to be more relaxed, and have heightened awareness of things feeling better. Sexual pleasure feels better!


Sensual Intentions

How you show up to self-pleasure, and what you intend to get out of it affects the experience. Get clear on your intention and declare it out loud while placing one hand on your heart and one on your genitals.

“My intention is….” (increased intimacy with self, manifestation, reduced menstrual cramps, joy, etc).

When bringing cannabis into your pleasure experience, it’s important to set the intention for why. Ask yourself what I’m I hoping to get out of the experience? How will cannabis enhance my experience? This will help create the container for the experience you desire.


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