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Megan Rapinoe And Sue Bird'S Body Language Is Sweeter Than A World Cup Win

1They've got each other's backs no matter what.

Clutching yet another award, Megan is leaning into Sue, effectively closing the gap between them—which Orbuch says means she's bonded with her girlfriend. In the few years since they started dating, what's important to Sue has become important to Megan.

And yeah, I know clothes don't technically count as body language, but Orbuch says Sue's outfit choice—a pink blazer to match Megan's hair—is a big deal that deserves recognition, considering Sue once wrote about being "against" the pink hair. Orbuch says Sue's clearly warmed up the dye job and her color scheme is one more way she's putting her unwavering support for Megan on full display.

2Sue's proud of Megan and proud to be with her.

"Sue's leaning back so Megan can be the star," says Orbuch. Her arm around Megan's chair is her way of letting Megan know she'll be there if Megan needs her.

But when Megan's doing her thing, whether it's playing soccer or giving an interview about the importance of equal pay, that genuine smile on Sue's face tells Orbuch how happy Sue is watching her girl in her element.

3Megan knows she can rely on Sue.

Megan's lean on Sue is so much more than a pose. Orbuch says it points to the way Megan leans on Sue when she needs to and the way Sue is always there to hold her up (literally and figuratively).

Though no one would dare doubt that these two powerhouses in power suits can take care of themselves, Orbuch says that the fact that they're comfortable depending on each other speaks to how comfortable they are being vulnerable in their relationship.

4Loving each other comes easily for these two.

Orbuch's especially into this body language because of how relaxed Megan and Sue look in this fun, intimate moment. The comfort Orbuch's picking up on tells her that Sue and Megan don't have any walls up between them, and they trust each other completely.

How does she know this? Well, first, peep the near handhold. That light touch tells Orbuch that their intimacy has reached levels far beyond the physical. Next, Sue is standing behind Megan while Megan leans on her, which, again, proves how much Sue supports her. And finally, there's Megan's act of taking the photo at all. She's capturing a sweet moment with her boo and posting it so the world can see how happy she is to be with her.

5They are always thinking about each other.

This Sue-appreciation photo that Megan posted on Instagram with the caption: "I’m so in love with you. Thank you baby," pretty much says it all, but, to add to the lovey-dovey feels, Orbuch analyzed it anyway.

The first thing she points out is the way Megan is pulling Sue in close (as if they could get any closer). It's a sign that Megan can't get enough of Sue. It proves how proud Megan is to have Sue in her corner, something Sue doesn't seem to have a problem with (based on her head tilt toward Megan). Yeah, it's subtle, but it means Sue's got Megan on the brain.

6They're a rock-solid couple.

They're happy. That's it. That's the analysis.

But here are the details if you want 'em: Sue's closed eyes mean she's totally taking in this moment that she's sharing with Megan. Plus, it helps that she's confidently kissing Megan—a symbol of all the love.

The way their bodies are pressed together tells Orbuch that they're a solid couple with a ton of love between them. There's no doubt in Orbuch's mind that they want to be with each other and only each other. If you need more evidence (if so, who even are you?), take a good look at Megan's smile—it has way more to do with Sue kissing her than posing for the camera. Eye wrinkles indicate the real thing.

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