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How To Get Into The Romantic Mood For Valentine’s Day

Just when you think you’re done making those New Year’s resolutions that you (hopefully) won’t break, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Much like New Year’s Eve, it’s a holiday that can feel stressful and full of expectation. Whether it’s hard for your partner to get into the holiday mood, or it makes you feel too overwhelmed, here are a few ways to push those worries out of your mind. Remember that this is a chance to explore with your partner, and enjoy yourself!

Dial Down the Pressure

First, address and remove any pressure you may feel for the big day. Communicate clearly with your partner about how you’d like to celebrate, and discuss what each person’s expectations are. Something I like to suggest is making it a cost-free day. Forget expensive presents and lavish your partner with your presence. Put your phones away and giving each other your undivided attention.

Avoid the hectic restaurants and cook a meal together, or put your feet up and order in. Try writing a thoughtful letter to your partner, reflecting on the fond memories of the past year spent with them, and maybe a couple of compliments on their rocking body, too.

Creating the Space for Romance to Bloom

If your partner is feeling busy and overwhelmed with the daily tasks of life, seek out what you can take off their plate. Can you book a housekeeper a few days prior so no one has to clean? Pick up a bottle of wine and some take-out on your way home so they don’t have to cook. Try running a luxurious bubble bath and giving them some solo time to decompress after a long day.

Some people find sex relaxing, while others need to be relaxed first in order to fully enjoy themselves. If you still feel anxious before having sex, try one o Karezza’s great In the Moment CBD sprays to slow down your mind and elevate your body mood. If you have kids, see if there’s anyone who can watch them for a few hours so you can get some alone time. Or, go all out and stay at a hotel together!

Many parents feel that even if they do have time off from their kids, it can be hard to forget about their seemingly endless to-do list. Get out of this mindset by switching up your routine, and aim to get outside the house. Take a walk together, go get a coffee at a nearby cafe, or just get outside! Making the time and space for romance is important to help inspire that sexual energy in ourselves and our partners.

Prioritizing Romance

Creating the time, and making the space for romance is about priorities, and how important it feels to you to have time to connect with your partner. Perhaps things have gotten so hectic in your life that these suggestions feel completely impossible. But that’s okay! Think about some small ways you could  still prioritize pleasure and connection with your partner. Try collapsing on the couch after getting the kids to bed, sharing a bottle of wine, and enjoying some mutual foot rubs.

Even bringing your partner a cup of tea in the morning, and letting them get some time with a book in bed before their day starts is a great, intimate way to show how much you care. Slipping a sexy note into a jacket pocket before they leave for work is also a fun way to get them aroused, and excited to see you when they get back home. There are so many simple and free ways to show your partner that they are special and important to you.


My number one tip for the readers who are feeling sexually starved and romantically exhausted is to romance yourself first. Take yourself out on a date, watch the waves at the beach, or sip a cocktail at a fancy bar. Watch a movie in the cinema that you’ve haven’t able to find the time for, or just go for a lovely walk where you can appreciate the fresh air and nature.

Some other options are focusing on self care. Do a hair or face mask, dress up in lingerie or a three piece suit that makes you feel sexy, regardless of if anyone sees you in it. Even treat yourself to a brand new vibrator. It’s important to nourish yourself first, before always trying to meet the needs of others. Encourage your partner to do the same, supporting them in any way they may need to create the time to do so. Having some time apart can heighten your connection when you reunite, even if it’s only for an hour or so.

Bring It On Home To Me

If you’re feeling frustrated with your partner’s lack of romantic or sexual energy, think about how you create space for romance, and inspire energy in your partner. More often than not, we are simply waiting for the romance to occur, and feel frustrated when it doesn’t.

Sometimes we try initiating romance or sex at times when our partner is feeling busy or overwhelmed, making it difficult for our partner to switch modes. Learning how to reach your partner and inspire that romantic and creative energy in them can be transformative for a relationship.  

Hopefully you can use the tools in this article to help create a more romantic environment not just for Valentines Day, but throughout the year!

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