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This Is Officially The Most Stressful Sex Position For Both Men And Women

If you want to experiment with a new sex position with your partner, you’ve got a lot of options. But if the thought of attempting some of them gets you more nervous than hot-and-bothered, you’re not alone, according to a new survey from Superdrug Online Doctor.

The site surveyed 1,000 people from Europe and the U.S. in relationships to find out which positions make people most anxious in the bedroom. The most dread-inducing move: "69 standing". 57% of women and 43% of men surveyed ranked this scenario as the least comfortable.

Considering the logistics of this one, it's pretty understandable why.

This top nail-biting situation was closely followed by trying anal. That said, this one wasn't quite so unanimous between the sexes. While nearly 55% of women said they’re least comfortable doing anal, only 30% of men said the same.

Any anxieties aside, 88% of men actually ranked anal as their top-preferred sexual position, making it the most popular overall (while only 12% of women agreed). Men in the study were also partial to oral and standing sex. Women, on the other hand, ranked missionary as their top position, closely followed by cowgirl and spooning.

If you’re down to give anal a chance, but it still makes you a little uneasy, lube and a pre-play enema may also help, according to experts who spoke with Women’s Health.

But remember: If you’re not comfortable with a position your partner suggests, you can always throw your own ideas in there. Positions like the reverse missionary are ideal for an orgasmic grand finale, while others like “reverse cowgirl” and “one-legged doggy” have helped some women finally orgasm. The most important part: that sex is fun and pleasurable—and not so anxiety-ridden.

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