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Here Is How Ultrasound Actually Works When You Are Pregnant

When pregnant, going for an ultrasound is a normal state of affairs. It is a thrilling experience to see your little bundle of joy growing inside you. The feet, hands and to see your baby moving inside the womb is quite exciting. But at the same time, a few parents wonder if the ultrasound waves are safe are not?Parents, do not worry, ultrasound is here for around 30 years now and no side effects have been reported till now. Even studies claim that ultrasound is safe for the baby.

How does ultrasound work?
An ultrasound scan uses sound waves to produce pictures rather than any harmful radiation. The sound waves are too high-pitched to be heard by human ears. A scanning device called transducer is used to get a picture of different parts of your belly. The sound waves bounce back from organs inside your body, which is picked by the transducer, which then forms an image on the monitor. As the sound wave is above the audible range, it is not even heard by the baby inside your womb.

How many ultrasounds are safe
When you are pregnant, doctors generally ask you to come for examinations between 18 and 22 weeks. During this time the levels of the amniotic fluid around the baby, the position of the placenta and the vessels in the umbilical cord, the movement and the body parts of the baby are monitored. Understand that your doctor is advising to go for an ultrasound then he must be telling for your benefit.

Are 3D or4D ultrasounds safe?
It is pretty obvious to wonder if 3D or 4D ultrasounds are stronger than 2D ultrasound and safe for the baby. Let us tell you that if you visit a certified ultrasound center, then you must not worry.

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