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Zodiac Matches That Make The Best Couples

1.Aries + Aquarius = Firecrackers

Aries is known for being fiery, and sometimes that's exactly what the laid-back Aquarius needs to get them going. In reverse, sometimes Aries needs the calming influence of their chilled out Aquarian counterpart. Either way, both are passionate about being the best versions of themselves and living their lives to the fullest. There couldn't be a better pair to encourage each other to grow as people.

These two firecrackers love debating and both will insist that they're always right. This can obviously lead to some pretty crazy arguments, but it's nothing that they can't overcome.

2.Taurus + Cancer = Homebodies

Both are family oriented and believe in working as a team through any rough patches. Bailing out is not an option for this power couple! Taurus and Cancer love being at home together and being around family, which means they barely clash about when it comes to going out and socializing.

That doesn't mean that they don't clash at all. In fact, one of their strengths can even turn into a weakness at times. Due to their love of domestic bliss with each other, it's very easy for Taurus and Cancer to stay at home all the time, inside their own little love bubble. This isn't always bad, but independence is important as individuals.

3. Gemini + Aquarius = Freedom Lovers

One of the best things about this match is that both parties value and seek out independence as individuals. They love being together but will also plan solo time for themselves. When these two reunite it's almost like they're falling in love all over again.

Of course, a partnership between two intellectuals that is so fun and spontaneous is bound to have its issues. For Gemini and Aquarius, they struggle to get serious because neither one encourages much stability. When it comes to raising a family, this couple can get into serious trouble, as they both love their freedom and being able to do what they want. Unfortunately, children, as well as other responsibilities such as home ownership and jobs don't always allow for spontaneity.

4.Cancer + Pisces = Complementing Differences

To have everything in common wouldn't create a perfect match like Cancer and Pisces. They are different in the best possible way, because their differences complement each other. For example, Cancer is a known nurturer and caregiver, while Pisces seeks connections with others. These two qualities match up well, as Pisces is willing to be nurtured in order to make a connection with their Cancer.

Though these traits can bring them together, they can often cause a little conflict, too. Cancer's sensible, caregiving nature makes them financially rigid - they love having plenty of money in the bank so they can take care of their loved ones. Whereas Pisces is a bit more spontaneous with cash and loves spending it on socializing and fun. Remember, this is all about making and maintaining connections for them, so they consider it essential spending.

5.Leo + Sagittarius = Infectious Passion

Nobody knows how to let their hair down and have a good time like Leo and Sagittarius. They're the type of couple who draw others to them like a magnet, and it's not uncommon for their phones to be beeping and ringing non-stop with invitations for dinner or a party. Their passion for each other is totally infectious and most other couples want to be them.

Leo can often demand too much attention, which can make Sagittarius, who is known for being impatient, a little grumpy. Their playful and passionate lifestyle also means that they can often feel tied down when it comes to raising a family. Both can be partial to spontaneous spending, too, so it's something this couple needs to watch if they want to hold onto their cash.

6. Virgo + Taurus = Affectionate Cuddlers

Both Virgo and Taurus love their comforts, so you'll always notice them showering each other with gifts and affection to make each other feel good. Taurus is often the sensible leader with a vision for the future, while Virgo is motivated and more than happy to make that vision a reality.

The biggest shortcoming for this loving pair is that they can both be a little neurotic, which can make for some tense mornings around the house. Though Taurus is a sensible planner, they're often unintentionally bad with money, which can cause pragmatic Virgo to become frustrated. All in all, these are just minor things that won't end up causing the breakdown of the relationship.

7. Libra + Gemini = Sensible Intellects

Libra and Gemini are the type of couple who rarely fight. Both hate raising their voices and getting fired up - they'd rather just talk things out calmly and reach a conclusion that they can both agree on. Luckily, they are so similar that there's barely any clashing, unless it's something to do with an intellectual debate they're having.

Libra can also frustrate Gemini with their indecisiveness and messy habits around the house. Although, Gemini hardly helps Libra with decision making - they're the type who generally "doesn't mind either way" which can infuriate Libra. When it comes to living together, these two certainly need a few ground rules if they're going to stay together.

8. Scorpio + Cancer = Strong Emotional Connection

These two signs are known for being hesitant to let their guards down. It's something they often hide in front of other people, but with each other they're able to be completely honest about their feelings. This is particularly true if either party has been hurt in a previous relationship - they take a long time to heal and learn to trust again. Luckily, with each other, they can be themselves.

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to strong emotional connections such as the one Scorpio and Cancer share. Both signs can be irrationally jealous and possessive, which often comes down to their difficulty trusting people.

9. Sagittarius + Aries = High Energy

Freedom is important for Sagittarius and Aries, and that includes freedom from each other, too. They tend to hate the idea of settling down and becoming what they deem as boring.

This couple can have issues if they don't make the most of the high-energy relationship they have. If they sit around resting on their laurels, they'll use the leftover energy and passion to be negative or end up having a huge fight. These two should always be planning new trips, supporting each other's ambitions, trying to be creative, and thinking about the future if they want to thrive as a couple.

10. Capricorn + Taurus = Importance In Family

Both Capricorn and Taurus believe in the importance of community and family, so they really bond on some of the key things in life. As far as kids go, this couple will be talking about baby names after dating for only a month. They're both family people who have always dreamed of creating a loving home.

While these two can be so sweet it almost gives you a toothache, they're not exactly a fiery, passionate match. This is all totally fine, but it can lead to a lack of spontaneity and fun in the relationship. Both Capricorn and Taurus need to work on abandoning their well laid plans from time to time so they can have a little fun.

11. Pisces + Scorpio = High Level of Respect

Part of the reason why Pisces and Scorpio are so into finding out about each other is because they hold such a high level of respect for their partner. That doesn't mean they're not super-hot in the bedroom together, though. These two have an intense passion that is constantly sizzling between them. They are not the type of couple to hide romantic gestures in public, either. You'll always see them being affectionate where ever they are.

Where could this couple possibly go wrong, we can hear you asking. Like every other couple, Pisces and Scorpio are not indestructible. Both of these signs have a bit of a problem with honesty and sneaking around, so they'll have to make sure they're open with each other about everything if they want to thrive. 'No secrets' is the way forward for these two.

12. Capricorn + Cancer = Comfort and Security

Capricorn as an earth sign and cancer as a water sign means that this couple seek out some very similar things in life. Stability, comfort, and security are high on the list of their main priorities. This all makes for the perfect match when it comes to starting a family. With both partners sharing a love of traditional values, it means they rarely disagree when it comes to raising their kids.

Though you don't often find these two sharing any fundamental differences, things have the potential to go south if Cancer feels as though they're nurturing and mothering Capricorn too much. Capricorn has the tendency to take too much if the help is offered and before too long some worrying precedents might be in place. Cancer also needs to let go of some of their selflessness to make sure they get the love and respect they deserve.

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  • Yesenia Fragosa

    Yesenia Fragosa

    2019-10-15 15:11:31

    Me and my husband both are Aries

  • Adilene Garcia

    Adilene Garcia

    2019-10-15 03:12:50

    cancer and aries?

  • Deborah Jones

    Deborah Jones

    2019-10-14 23:11:31

    I'm a Scorpio and my bf is a cancer

  • Fernanda Medeiros

    Fernanda Medeiros

    2019-10-15 00:34:03

    Libra only gets Leo 😕been there done that.

  • Victorria Williamson

    Victorria Williamson

    2019-10-16 19:40:36

    I'm a Capricorn and he is a Leo

  • Kayla Williams

    Kayla Williams

    2019-10-16 19:52:08

    I'm a Taurus and my bf is an Aries

  • Shawna Britton

    Shawna Britton

    2019-11-02 14:26:26

    im a leo and my bf is an aries

  • jaila witherspoon

    jaila witherspoon

    2019-11-02 20:28:48

    What about a cancer and cancer?

  • miss doll

    miss doll

    2019-11-06 00:08:12

    what about Taurus and pisces?

  • Kaffy Keji

    Kaffy Keji

    2019-11-08 22:03:56

    I'm gemini and my guy is Aquarius



    2019-11-09 20:38:34

    Sagittarius with a Taurus 🤔

  • Kyla Marie

    Kyla Marie

    2019-11-09 20:41:44

    I'm a Capricorn that loves an Aries

  • Niek Carthen

    Niek Carthen

    2019-11-09 21:38:55

    I'm a sag by bf is a capricorn

  • Maria My Songs

    Maria My Songs

    2019-11-09 22:10:16

    I'm scorpio and my boyfriend is Leo...

  • Kat Bosley

    Kat Bosley

    2019-11-10 00:23:53

    I'm a Scorpio and my bf is a virgo

  • Melinda Martinez

    Melinda Martinez

    2019-11-12 10:45:39

    I’m a Leo and my husband is a Aquarius

  • Shirley Odonnell

    Shirley Odonnell

    2019-12-02 15:21:47

    me a virgo., boyfriend is scorpio

  • His FaEva Love Johnson

    His FaEva Love Johnson

    2019-12-02 16:59:05

    I am a Taurus and mii fiance is a Pisces

  • Stewart Lorraine

    Stewart Lorraine

    2019-12-02 17:17:48

    I'm a leo n my Bf is a Scorpio

  • Brittany Burns

    Brittany Burns

    2019-12-02 18:41:15

    I'm a leo and hes a aries

  • A weird crazy girl

    A weird crazy girl

    2019-12-03 16:04:18

    I'm a leo she is a cancer

  • Trisha McElroy

    Trisha McElroy

    2019-12-04 03:27:53

    I'm a Taurus and he's a Taurus.

  • Tamia Abercrombie

    Tamia Abercrombie

    2019-12-05 12:29:10

    I'm a Sagittarius

  • Kelli


    2019-12-05 15:21:44

    im an Aries I used to date a sag n it went very badly

  • Jasmine Strogen

    Jasmine Strogen

    2019-12-05 16:28:03

    I’m a Leo and my boyfriend is a Virgo

  • Tanisha Borel

    Tanisha Borel

    2019-12-07 06:16:56

    I'm a scorpio dating a scorpio 😩

  • Zohal Sekandari

    Zohal Sekandari

    2019-12-07 16:21:33

    I am a Gemini and my guy is Aquarius

  • Hope Proctor

    Hope Proctor

    2019-12-10 03:30:06

    I’m a cancer and my mans a cancer

  • Bonnie Owen

    Bonnie Owen

    2019-12-10 03:42:53

    Leo and Cancer

  • Audrey Eastwood

    Audrey Eastwood

    2019-12-10 14:33:13

    I'm a Libra and i dated someone born in January and his birthday is January 2nd i believe

  • Briana Seidel

    Briana Seidel

    2019-12-14 18:05:49

    I'm a Scorpio and my boyfriend is a Libra and we r doing great☺🙂

  • Autumn Scott

    Autumn Scott

    2019-12-15 02:46:52

    My man is a sag and I am a libra and it’s been almost 3 years going well ig but we both have anger problems but I do put up with a lot of his shit and he puts up will a hell of a lot of mine

  • pixel seto

    pixel seto

    2019-12-16 09:38:20

    what if both parties are ♉?

  • Amanda Berrier

    Amanda Berrier

    2019-12-18 20:19:38

    im Pisces and my boyfriend is a sagitttaurus

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