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Test: Choose A Symbol To Reveal Your Message Of Spirit To Improve

We are blessed with our ability to achieve deep understanding by simply observing geometric symbols and configurations. Throughout the centuries, sacred symbols have been used to transmit and fuse intangible and supernatural rays of truth into unique graphic images that take us to a point of knowledge without using our cognitive abilities.We only know what is shown to us. A single visualization of a symbol can transform consciousness, behavior, understanding and well-being. The symbols that we contemplate change us forever. 

Most of the sacred symbols represent the ancient spiritual lineages that were established in the past eras of enlightenment. The use of any size of the Sacred Symbol draws our attention to the tacit communication that helps bring a mystical meaning to the present times. They convey a broader principle than words can explain. 

Our Paramujeres team, brings you the following test. Set your intention and then choose which symbol (1 – 6) stands out most for you. Choose with your intuition. Next find the message

If you chose # 1

It’s time to leave everything and give your confidence to the universe. Instead of trying to fight against what is, just step back and let yourself go with the rhythm and flow of life. You are asked to stop moving forward and accept the present moment and what it is. 

Your next step will be revealed to you when you are calm, quiet and focused on your true intention. Avoid making hasty decisions, meditate and let calm guide you.

If you chose # 2

Limits are not a bad thing if they are constructed consciously and with guided intention. It’s time for you to put some of these limits in place because many of them are scattered! Having clear boundaries gives life a bit of structure and guidance, which is exactly what you need to focus on right now. 

You must concentrate on taking responsibility for things that were not planned and stop wasting your time and energy among people and situations that no longer serve your higher purpose. It’s time to take an inventory, as daunting as it may seem, it will be your best ally at this time. It is also the perfect time to clean the house to reduce clutter.

If you chose # 3

You are on the right path! Although things are not always clear to you, this message is to let you know that everything will be fine. Now you are walking the highest path and, although you may have many questions, the Universe is letting you know that you are being guided and cared for. 

Trust that everything will work perfectly and with divine timing. There is no need for you to worry about the future or the past, just stay present at every moment and observe how the magic of your life develops. If you have to make a big decision, rest assured that the answer to your decision will be sent today through a synchronous message.

If you chose # 4

It’s time to let go of the past . Too much of you is stuck in what it was instead of looking at the now. While it is important to regret and give yourself time to heal, there is no benefit in retelling the same stories over and over again. Leave the past where it is and look forward now. You are asked to take the present moment in your hands and do what you can of it.The power is in your hands to change the future and the only way to do it is by changing your consciousness towards the present moment. To release the past, try to write it down or entrust it to a friend, allow yourself one last chance to reissue the old emotions and then let it go. You will not be able to advance until you do.

If you chose # 5

Things are moving fast and it’s time to set new goals and intentions! Life has been moving at an accelerated pace and it seems that things are finally gaining momentum, what a perfect time to set new goals for this new chapter of your life. Start by going in and elaborating what your hearts really want. 

Write the things that make you happy and then go for them! While the results may not be instantaneous, think of your thoughts as a boomerang, shot up into the heavens. While you wait for me to come back to you, continue to establish your positive thoughts and intentions. The message of the Universe is clear, set your intentions now so they can be delivered!

If you chose # 6

You are focused too much on the external instead of looking inward. Deep in your heart are the answers to all your questions, but unless you keep thinking, how can you listen to them? Your head is full of disorder and your mind is confused, clear the thoughts on your plate for a moment and look inside. 

Meditate, take a walk, calm your mind and reconnect with the Divine. Your spirit is asking you to look for answers instead of looking for clues or external signs. Now is the time to synchronize with the Universe and all it has for you and the only way you can do it is to reflect inside. Watch your thoughts today, but try not to get involved or judge them, go back to your center and be aware of when your ego is at stake.

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