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A Body Language Expert Says Lili Reinhart And Cole Sprouse Secretly Flirt In Every Photo

Body language can reveal many truths about relationships — but only if you know how to read it. In Celebrity Couples: Decoded, an expert interprets A-listers' interactions to shed light on their IRL dynamic.

Rumors of romance between Lili Reinhart, 21, and Cole Sprouse, 26, who co-star as Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones on the Netflix series, Riverdale, began to swirl in February 2017 after Lili tweeted a photo of herself wearing a fur coat with nothing underneath. In response, Cole replied with a comic featuring the characters he and Lili play on their show, which is based on the Archie series:

FWIW, Lili later had fun with this joke:

While the duo hasn't officially confirmed their IRL relationship verbatim, Lili and Cole have paraded their mutual affection on Instagram, where they've featured one another in various posts; in PDA during Riverdale cast appearances; on various red carpets; and in at least one candid shot where the duo appears to be kissing.

"They're more than co-workers," confirms body language expert Blanca Cobb, confident this couple shares an off-screen bond. Just scroll for proof:

Cole Leans Toward Lili

Above, Cole places one arm around Lili's waist, and the other around Riverdale co-star Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom). While his hand positioning may seem meaningless in the context of this posed photo, zoom in on Cole's hands: His right fingers (on Lili's waist) are spread further apart than his left ones (on Madelaine). "You want to touch more of the person you like," Cobb says.

And see the way Cole tilts his head ever-so-slightly in Lili's direction? "You move toward the person you're attracted to," Cobb says of the gesture, noting Lili's head positioning: Just like Cole, she leans to her right. And it makes sense: "You subconsciously mimic people you like," Cobb says.

Lili Leans Toward Cole

During another Riverdale cast appearance, Lili sits in a chair with her knees angled toward Cole, who sits to her left. Putting her weight in her left elbow, she also leans in his direction while maintaining a tightlipped smile and facing forward, all despite the fact that Cole has turned his head toward her. "It's like she's fighting with herself a little," Cobb says. "Your body moves where you want to go. She looks like she wants to be closer to him but thinks she shouldn't or can't."

While Cole looks more secure in his stance—his elbows grace each side of his chair and his knees are spread wide in a show of confidence—his feet suggest otherwise: "Most people don't sit that way," Cobb says of the odd way he subtly lifts the inner soles of his feet off the ground rather than placing them flush against the floor. "When you're attracted to someone and don't want anyone to know, your body can look a little off, a little awkward." The secret's out!

Lili Parks a Hand on Cole's Chest

When you place your palm on someone's chest, it's sends the message, "He's mine, hands off!" Cobb says, characterizing Lili's move as possessive and territorial. But it's also a physical way to connect and show affection toward someone who makes you feel all the things: "You're not going to touch someone you're not attracted to—you touch people who are special to you," she says.

That Lili covers Cole's heart, specifically, is no coincidence: It's symbolic, according to Cobb. "Whenever the heart is involved, it signals romance—it isn't casual," she says.

Standing close to Lili—there's no air between their bodies—Cole seems to be feeling the connection, too: Look at that smirk of a smile! "A big red carpet event is an excuse for them to get closer to pose for photos," Cobb says, pointing out the way Lili's pleasure zone is pressed against Cole's body. In turn, he pulls her in with his right hand, spreading his fingers to maximize physical contact. "It's like a private joke since [their affection] has more meaning to them than the rest of the world," Cobb says.

Lili and Cole Touch Elbows

"When you're really into someone, your bodies subconsciously mirror each other," Cobb says, noting the way both Lili and Cole raise their left shoulders and lean forward with their full forearms on the table—no eye contact needed. "But the elbows say it all."

See, friends can mirror one another without a hint of romance, but touch? "Touch means more," Cobb says. What's more, the duo doesn't appear to have knocked into one another: Sitting elbow-to-elbow with no tension in their faces, they look comfortable with one another. "It says, 'I'm thinking of you,'" she adds—a consistent theme.

Cole and Lili Sit Side-By-Side

In true form, Cole and Lili forgo OTT PDA despite sitting side-by-side. But look at the way Cole dips his left shoulder back toward Lili, and she reciprocates by dropping her right shoulder to lean slightly toward him: "No one said they had to lean in," Cobb says, noting that physical closeness hints at an emotional bond.

Still, subtle is the name of the game for Lily, who's hangs onto her dress in what appears to be an effort to keep her hands from wandering—perhaps toward Cole? "It's like she wants to reach out and touch him, but thinks, maybe I shouldn't," Cobb hedges. "Your body finds a way to reveal your thoughts subtly, even if you keep your hands to yourself."

"They may be hiding their relationship just a bit by being subtle in their affection," Cobb says, citing the totally normal desire for privacy. "I think they get along really well—there's a spark there. They're just trying to decide how much fuel to add to the flame."

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