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3 Ways For Men To Be Multi-Orgasmic

The human body is pretty extraordinary. All of its systems working together to keep us alive, trying their best to keep us healthy (even with all the shit we put in our bodies), all so we can continue to delve into the pleasures, pains, and mysteries the world has to offer us.

One of the most complex of these systems is the reproductive – and while scientifically it is for, well, reproduction, it does oh, so much more.

Our sexual organs are wondrous things that we are still learning vastly more about. If you thought everything was covered in sex ed, you are quite mistaken. In fact, far too many curriculums on the subject barely scratch the pubic mound when it comes to anatomy. And don’t get me started on function or pleasure. But, I digress.

What subject is rarely, if at all discussed? Orgasms – specifically women’s (who even knew that was a thing until they were much older?). That’s why there are so many publications, like this one, dedicated to the learning, understanding, and implementing of women’s pleasure.

Now, because of science, articles, and sex positivity, women have found out that, not only are our orgasms stronger than men’s, but hey, we’re multi-orgasmic! It’s really great if you’ve mastered it.

So, if you’re still with me, there are a few ways to get that multi-orgasmic streak going.


Multiple orgasms all start with your pelvic floor health. A lot of people are under the impression that Kegel exercises are only for women, but men need to strengthen their PC muscles just as much. Since this isn’t exactly common knowledge, overall, men’s pelvic floors aren’t as strong, which means neither is their ejaculatory control.

The more you work out the muscles that start and stop your pee, the more control you can get over your ejaculation, and the more orgasms you’ll ultimately be able to have.


Also known as the male p-spot, the prostate is a hidden gem in a man’s rectum full of untapped pleasure. Many have dabbled in prostate play, but for some, the thought may send a chill down their spine. This magical gland is one key to being multi-orgasmic.

Stimulating your prostate not only brings you insane pleasure, but it helps prevent cancer and improves your overall health. To work your prostate even more, the company behind the Intensity, Pour Moi, is in the process of creating a device that men will be able to use to work out your prostate and pelvic floor muscles for you (see reason above).

Once you achieve an orgasm this way, you’ll notice that you may have only been slightly erect, only ejaculated a little, or maybe not even at all. When you get used to this sensation, you can try to keep going after you’ve had one orgasm, and go on to have another. You could also switch to penile stimulation, OR try doing a bit of both. Talk about explosive.


Okay, so now you have a PC muscle regimen and you’ve finally found and stimulated your prostate – what else can you do? Here comes the real test of your orgasmic strength – edging.

Edging is the practice of you or your partner bringing you to the point right before orgasm, and then stopping, so you don’t cross the threshold. What this does is help you to remember that feeling so when you’re having sex, you can pull it back, and go for longer.

Once you have that down, you’ll start to get more control over when you’re actually releasing ejaculate. To get even more practice, you can use a Fleshlight STU, designed with this method of stimulation in mind. And to help you get used to this feeling, you can try using Promescent, a spray guaranteed to make you last longer in bed.

The more used to this feeling you get, the more you’ll actually orgasm without busting, allowing you stay hard, and being able to orgasm again. Essentially, you’re building muscle memory, just like any other workout you would do.


WOW. That was a whole lot to digest. While many of you will want to try this out, it does take time, focus, and patience to master. So, if you really want to go for gold, you’ll have to be dedicated to the masturbation marathons ahead of you. At the same time, don’t get discouraged if you get a little overexcited.

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