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Marriage Lines In Indian Palmistry | Marriage Line On Left Or Right Hand | Marriage Line On Male And Female Hands | Live-In-Relationship And Homosexual/Lesbian

You can calculate your marriage age through marriage line and know about your married life.  

Predictions through marriage lines as per ancient palmists or traditional palmistry are as below:

  • If three marriage lines on hand then it indicates three marriages or if four marriage lines on hand then it indicates four marriages.
  • If count of marriage line is even then subject will get good husband or good wife but if count of marriage line is odd then subject will get bad husband or bad wife.
  • If marriage line is thin and long then subject will get rich husband or rich wife and good married life.
  • If marriage line is short and thick then it indicates married to divorcee or girl who is not virgin.
  • If marriage line is thin and long then it indicates good marriage but if marriage line is thick and broken then it indicates bad marriage. 

However all of the above predictions are not always true literally especially in this current day and age because these are all based on the very old beliefs and concepts of marriage in the ancient times and the social scenario and beliefs in the current society  have developed a lot and now these are completely different to the ancient times.   In ancient times there was no concept of love marriage and only arranged marriages used to happen.

Now the society has completely changed and so are the beliefs and concepts of marriage.   Now mostly love happens first and then marriage takes place.  Some times love lasts for only a short while and some times the love lasts the whole life but marriage not take place.

Therefore with changing times and concepts the interpretations of marriage lines need to be reviewed and modified according to the current society belief and concepts of marriage though the main principles will be remaining same.

In this post the interpretations of marriage lines are given taking into consideration the current beliefs and concepts of marriage and also the practical experience. 

There are so many other signs and indications but I have given here the most common which you find in hands but sometimes it is noted that even with these indications a person has good Married Life and he may have some other problems.  So you need a lot of practice on these.  

If there is a question in your mind related to children line, gender or you are not able to conceive after long period of marriage then y

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should be kept in mind that most signs are same for males and females. If any sign is in the hand of a female then it will give the same result as it would be when it is in a male hand.

Live-in-relationship And Homosexual/Lesbian

Now days, the concept of free love or live in relationship has complicated matters for hand analyst.  When scientific hand analysis began thousands of year ago, a line of affection could confidently be analysed as a legal marriage, but in these days of free love, we must not jump to such a conclusion without a careful study of the palms.

The lines of affection usually refer to attachments with members of the opposite sex, but in my professional practice I have analysed the hands of homosexuals and lesbians, and in their cases the lines of affection will indicate an attachment to member of the same sex.  The lines of affection never refer to attachments towards brothers, sisters, mother or father.

Marriage Line is also called Line of Affection/Line of Sex. Marriage line does not necessarily show marriage it may only indicate attachment to someone male or female.  In other words this line can indicate anyone whom you consider a friend or loved one.

Marriage line is often found on porn star, prostitutes, unmarried person, celibates, saints (sadhu), and kinnar, bisexual, hinjda, eunuchs, and in such cases indicates strong friendship. So every marriage line does not necessarily represent marriage but it does represent an affection that you have felt or feel for someone. 

Ideal Marriage Line Prediction On Hand

The ideal Line of Marriage should be long, clear, well-formed, and free of defects such as islands, breaks, chains or starts.  Such a line could suggest a happy marriage but only if there are confirmatory indications of this in the rest of hand.  

Short And Long Marriage Line In Palmistry

Always consult both hands.  The ideal marriage line merely shows the possibility of a happy union nothing more, nothing less.  This line should not be too long or too short. Short marriage line denotes bad marriage and long marriage line indicates good marriage but too

long marriage line also indicates bad marriage.

Other names of Marriage Line - Union Line, Affection Line, Love Line, Shadi Ki Rekha, Spouse Line, Partner Line and Romance Line, etc.


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