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The Number One Sex Position In Ireland Is Actually A Surprising One

Quelle surprise!

Irish people are spilling the deets on what goes on behind closed doors and it's juicy.

Durex studied 1,443 adults to find out exactly what tickles their fancy and more importantly, what is their favourite position for getting frisky.

You may think 'ah yeah, the missionary I'd say, or the ever handy spoon...' but you'd be WRONG. Yep, it looks the majority of us Irish folk prefer it doggy style with 38 percent of people claiming it is their go-to position.

Coming in second was missionary with 26 percent followed closely by the cowgirl position with 22 percent.

Hmmm, ye are an adventurous lot.

The survey also looked at some common bedroom activity with 75 percent of the participants saying a mutual orgasm makes a relationship stronger.

On a more shocking side note - only 16 percent of women say they climax every time they have sex.

Hopefully this will change this decade. New decade, more orgasms?

However, 62 percent did say they do their best to keep going until both partners climax, well, that's something.

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