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Here’s What You Discover After Analyzing A MILLION Sex Toy Purchases

Get ready to know exactly what happens behind closed doors: A new study being called the largest sex toy study to date has analyzed purchases from the major U.K. retailer Lovehoney. For the very first time, the sales of one million sex toys and 65,000 product reviews have been analyzed to reveal what we do in our most intimate and kinkiest moments. Read on for some of the biggest findings:

Both Genders Like Toys
According to the data, the Lovehoney consumer base is split evenly with half of the purchases made by men. With all these sex-life-changing toys, why wouldn't both sexes be snatching them up? 

We're Willing to Throw Down Some Cash
The average order total was $59, and men spent about 19 percent more on average than women did on the site. Plus, men were also more likely to pay for next-day shipping. In a hurry, are we? 

Men Buy Vibes, Too
Seems like women aren't the only ones stocking their bedside drawers. Half of women and a third of men who place an order with Lovehoney buy a vibrator. Looking for something a little less generic? How about these crazy new sex toys you've probably never heard of?

Relationship Status Matters
Single women were more likely to buy vibrators than coupled-up ladies, but not by much; while men in relationships were more likely to purchase one than single men. Well, that makes sense.

Wet is Best
Of all items on the site, lube was a top seller with both men and women, whether they were in a relationship or not. Yes, they do know something that you don't: Nearly half of men and women say lube makes it easier to orgasm. 

There Are a Few Gender-Biased Toys
Data shows that women are much more likely to purchase novelty gifts than men are, like these Kama Sutra Playing Cards or Glow in the Dark Sex Dice (because, why not?). Men, on the other hand, are more likely to gravitate towards sex-simulation devices than women are. 

Satisfaction Isn't Always Guaranteed
Apparently, both men and women have been known to return things to the site. Lovehoney has a 100-day no-questions-asked (really, NO questions? We would have questions...) return policy. Women are most likely to return clothes while men are most likely to return sex dolls. Can we please make sure the people handling returns at Lovehoney are compensated very generously?

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