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Palmistry | Broken Bracelet Line

First line of bracelet is broken indicates careless in matter of health or accident from animals, fall from tree or rock etc.

Mostly you will find only two or one bracelet line on hand of person.

Three bracelet lines on hand is very rare.

Mostly you will find broken or chained bracelet lines on hand which indicates bad health or regular illness of subject. 

If there is a bump or curve inside on bracelet line then it is the indication of infertility and impotency, etc. 

If all three bracelet lines are faultless, then the native is an expert in technical knowledge and help others. In case, there are two bracelet line and the hand is hard then the native faces hurdles in his education.

Broken bracelet lines interrupt native's work.

If bracelet lines cross over moon area then the native is fond of travel in foreign country and if other lines are favorable they visit abroad.

But if cross on above bracelet line on Mount of Neptune or Mount of Ketu then it is sign of sudden gain of wealth or inheritance.

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