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Broken Fate Line Above Heart Line In Palm Reading

If Fate Line is broken just above heart line (1/2 inch above) then it indicates financial loss around age 53/54, or volunteer retirement around age 53/54, change in career around age 53/54.

If your fate line is above or below heart line then there are strong chances of volunteer retirement or if there is any other supportive fate line with main fate line then there are strong chances of change in job and career. 

Sign Of Voluntary Retirement (VRS) Palmistry

If fate line is broken or cut by any influence line above heart line or just below heart line and at the same time sun line is also broken or cut by any influence line then it indicates Voluntary Retirement mostly due to personal issues and family problems or if subject is having business then it indicates change in business due to big loss in business. 

Good Life After Retirement In Old Age

There are so many signs on hand which indicates quality of life, of course all major lines are needs to be good.  If your major lines are not good then there are chances of health and relationship problem and if your sun line and fate line is not good then there are chances of financial problems.

Basic rules of palmistry to know about "Good life in old age"

1). If your sun line is good above heart line then it surely indicates good financial stability in old age.

2). If your first line of bracelet is good then it indicates good health in old age (also check life line).

3). If your fate line is  good above heart line and there is a trident on fate line then it indicates very good life after retirement.

4). If there is a vertical line of Mount of Jupiter from Life line then it indicates tension free life in old age.

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