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Some Context Here, I'M From The South And My Parents Are Very Religious.

Some context here, I'm from the south and my parents are very religious. Growing up I was always told that I can't date outside of my race. Obviously this is an insane concept.

Recently I started dating a really nice girl that happens to be Asian. At this point I did not tell my parents, I just told them I was seeing someone. They invited me and her over for Easter dinner, so after me trying to find a way out my girlfriend convinced me to go.

At this point I tried telling my family over the phone but they laughed it off as a joke even though I made it very clear I was being serious. When we got there we were berated by some of the most passive aggressive quotes I had ever heard, and some blatant racist comments.

After one from my mom I confronted her about it and said if shes not going to treat me and my girlfriend with respect we're going to leave. My mother then started crying and said I ruined Easter and to leave.

Ever since I have not spoke to my family and I feel awful for my girlfriend. So my question is AITA for choosing Easter to bring my girlfriend over? Should I have waited for another day?

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