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This Is How Many British Women Have Received An Unwanted Nude

Sending and receiving nudes is a matter of personal choice. You're not "prudish" or "uptight" if you don't want to; no one is "slutty" or "easy" if they enjoy it. But when a man sends a woman a dick pic without bothering to ask if she even wants to receive it, it's aggressive, annoying and a definite violation.

So it's disturbing to read a new YouGov survey which reports that 41% of British women in the millennial age bracket (between 18 and 36) said they've received an unsolicited dick pic.

In fact, of the millennial women who told YouGov they've received a dick pic, which was 46% overall, a massive 89% said they hadn't asked for it first.

On the flipside, only 22% of millennial men told YouGov they've sent a dick pic, and just 5% admitted to sending one without being asked to do so first.

If you're thinking "these figures don't really add up," that's because they don't. As YouGov points out, some men probably lied about sending dick pics, unsolicited or otherwise, because of embarrassment and a failure to take ownership of their actions. Other men have probably sent dick pics to multiple women, which is why nearly half of women have received one.

The survey also found that millennial women's reactions to receiving a dick pic is pretty varied. More than half said they found it "gross" or "stupid", while 23% said they found it "distressing" and 17% found it "threatening." Just 13% said they found receiving a dick pic "pleasing."

Of course, it's pretty much impossible for men to know how a woman might react to receiving a dick pic, which is one more reason why they shouldn't be sending them without asking first.

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