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Of Course, The French Found A Way To Make A Grocery Store Commercial Insanely Romantic

You may not think of grocery shopping as the most romantic activity, but after getting through this ad shared by Mashable for the French grocery store Intermarché, you just might start to see it that way.

The man in the commercial has a thing for the clerk, but based on her expression when he checks out, you can tell she's not really feeling it. She does not approve of his ice cream, and she's definitely not a fan of ketchup.

So, he revises his grocery list, and she starts to warm up to him. Her expression during his next checkout makes a head of lettuce look as sentimental as a bouquet of flowers.

Once he's acquired all this unfamiliar food, he's forced to figure out what to do with it. After a failed attempt, he finally serves up veggies to his friends like a pro. Marcel Mouloudji’s "L’amour l’amour l’amour" plays in the background. Fittingly, it was produced by an ad agency called Romance, Ad Week reports.

The whole premise is a little bizarre, we have to admit. Why is she judging him so harshly for eating pizza? And why is all the shaming somehow attractive to him? Plus, it seems counterproductive to advertise a grocery store while implying that purchasing certain foods from it will sabotage your chances with your crush.

Nevertheless, it works out for them. After he finally asks her out, they ride off into the sunset on his motorcycle with a grocery bag and, we presume, live happily ever after in a house stocked with fresh produce.

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